Flavor bottle's MM?

Does anyone by chance know the mm or diameters the bottles are off hand ? I am looking at some specimen racks online and was wondering what they measure. I bought something like this from micheal’s store but it’s not really the rack I want. Something like a Nalgene rack but don’t want plastic hoping to find a good priced metal type any ideas I’m looking on eBay and will check out Amazon as well.

Yay! I get to use my calipers!

10 ml bottles are usually a bit less than 22mm.
20 ml bottles a little over 25mm.
30 ml bottles a little over 30mm.


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Thank you so the 10ml ? Which bottle is this it seems I only have 8ml glass vials that are smaller others are 20 and 30 mls.

How many mm would the glass be Daath ? Thank you in advance :grinning:

Ah sorry, I don’t have those - But Google says they’re 17mm :slight_smile: (found it here)

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Thanks again !