Flavor Build Story

So I bought the aromamizer about a month before the suprememe was announced, and it was an upgrade from the subtank mini I had. so when I got it, everyone and their mother was saying said, vertical coils!! everywhere!! so for the past few weeks, (I haven’t bought store made juice in about two years) I go into a local shop because I just moved to say hello and kinda do my part to support the community, bought a 30ml for 22$, (one and only time). I replaced the coils 26g kanthal around .6, and used rayon…been using rayon thanks to ELR user: whiterose0818 (thanks again), I kept getting these dry hits like no other, almost tasted metallitic. replaced cotton 2-3 times and replaced coils about 2. …I was like…this tank must’ve crapped out on me… then I took the coils and flipped em on its side. horizontal coils and had the cotton stickin out both sides… man!!! after months of using vertical coils…not only was the metallic taste gone, but…woo the flavor came back, with a vengeance.

hahaha thanks for reading.


In this world the only right way is the way you like it. DIY is all about finding …Hell, creating, your own Joy. Congrats! I stopped using Kanthal because I can taste it as you describe, but wicking is equally (or as you discovered more!) important.

ELR is the greatest resource for interactive help from more experienced Vapers, because folks here realize this Forum is just a collection of subjective experiences …and here it’s about sharing those. The safety to come on here and talk about your struggles, and finally success, is what really helps the new people, like that guy you once were. Thanks @DarkJester89 for keeping it real


this just happened yesterday so I’m still laughing at it haha