Flavor concentrates............ Bad batch?

Heya all,
Question - Is it possible to get a bad batch (30ml bottle)? I have a few flavors that are just not working or matching reviews.

1- Marzipan by Flavour Art. At 6% and even after 2 months it taste chemically, like the way that blue toilet bowl cleaner smells. No cherry’s or almonds! Yet reviews are all good!
2- Taro by Flavors Express. Is suppose to be earthy, like a yam. Gets great reviews as earthy and creamy. For me, at 10% it’s a perfect buttered popcorn, even after one month. And at 5% it’s the same but weaker.
3- Maple Syrup by FlavourArt. Above 5% it taste like how burning rubber smells. Just a little, and you can taste the maple syrup too but the burning rubber kills it! Again, reviews are great. Like I’m the only one with an issue!

I have many flavors that do work. I make 15ml batch’s for profiling each of my flavors and adjust concentrations as needed.

I appreciate any feedback!


My first thought is your percentages are too high, I wouldn’t go over 2.5 on the Marzipan - try all of them at a lower % perhaps.


I’m with @Underanne…the % for those FA flavours is quite high, which is most likely where you’re getting the chemical notes from. For single flavour test of the FA Maple Syrup I used 2.5% and that was plenty for me.


I agree with both ladies, percentages are way too high, as for the Taro, it has been one of the most disgusting flavours I’ve ever vaped. Some people love it but I’m not one of them, I gave my bottle away to someone else.


I agree with what was stated above, that your percents look pretty high for the flavors. That being said, it IS possible to get a bad batch if the place you bought them from rebottles the flavors (most do). If they don’t mix the ‘big one’ well enough before they rebottle, some bottles will wind up weaker and some stronger. It’s also possible that you taste those flavors differently than most others. I’m like that with several flavors that seem to be well loved but I can’t stand because they taste off or gross to me.