Flavor concentrates/extracts

I seem to only have found one place that has super concentrates that are PG/VG free and I would like to see if anyone knows of any others. Have been mixing all my flavors 100% VG. Not a big fan of the “after taste” PG has. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep on vaping!!!
I have been getting all my flavor bases from Real Flavors. Thanks again

AFAIK all flavours that have SC after their name are alcohol based. Bull City is selling them and I’m sure lot of other vendors do too.
Have a look at the resource page for more vendors and discount codes.


So far, I’ve only found Real Flavors, Medicine Flower, and Nature’s Flavors. Some of the mostly PG flavor companies also have a few. I’m on the hunt for more, too! Check Wizard Labs, they have a section of flavors listed “PG-free” but, watch out for the LorAnne flavors in there, a few of them are non water soluble, Almond and Washington Cherry are a couple on the don’t vape list. No bueno.
Easiest way to find out is to input the flavor you want into your flavor stash on ELR, and watch for HAZARD warning icon. Click it and it will tell you why it was flagged as possibly hazardous. Some are only warnings that it might crack a plastic tank, some are for diketones, some are for non-water-soluble.
Hope this helps!

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