Flavor Concentrates (FC) Brand: Anyone use these?

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Realizing I made an unrelated inquiry on a Cranberry thread, thought I would make it a new topic.


These are supposed to be all Natural and have a beverage usage rec of .2-.5%, bakery rec of .5-1%

I’m awaiting a reply from them for info on what type of base they use, just curious if anyone has experience with these.

If they are as concentrated as advertised, it might be worth a try.



Hi, @Letitia! I moved this over here since it could get lengthy and isn’t related to Cranberries directly:)

You say you tested at 5% and they were light/weak. Did you happen to try them any lower? They list 1% as the high end of the recommended starting point. Maybe yours were muting?


These statements below has peaked my interest. I’ll be looking for notes from this brand…

Natural Flavoring. No artificial flavors, coloring, or sweeteners.
_Our natural flavoring is made using only premium ingredients which are on the “GRAS” (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. Our standard flavors are water soluble, highly concentrated, and super delicious. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, nor any natural sweeteners such as stevia. Most of our flavors are completely clear. _

Our Natural Difference
At a time when many manufacturers and consumers are going natural, many flavor companies are going artificial, or to a natural and artificial blend (which can be mostly artificial). When we say natural, we mean natural.

Premium Natural Value
Our natural flavors are $9.99 for 1 fluid ounce (30ml), and $24.99 for 4 fluid ounces.
Save even more by purchasing by the pint ($60, most flavors) or quart ($108, most flavors). Need manufacturing sizes? We supply up to and including 55 gallon drums. Shipping is free and there are no minimums.

Our Flavors are Concentrated
Our recommended starting ratio for beverages is 0.2% - 0.5% by volume, and most foods (cooking, candy, baking, desserts) start at 0.5% - 1% of liquid base. Learn More Here.


Mine, too! I searched the flavor list for “flavor concentrates” and found about 20 that were obviously from this brand. No notes to be found, though.


I put in (FC) on the ELR Flavors List and got a lot of hits, but I’m not sure if they’re all for this brand. Some of the flavor names are identical to some FA flavors, but there are little to no notes…



Yep, those look llike the majority are unrelated. They don’t have any cream flavors, either.
It’s a very small list of flavors that they offer.


Tracking thread to learn more. And stalking @Pro_Vapes


Strange that none of those names in the DB have public recipes associated with them (as far as I could tell).


Yeah… it is strange. One thought I gather just from the info or non-info is this brand is or might be so new that ample time hasn’t passed to really gauge this vendor’s flavors.

Their own comments about their “Natural Flavors” lead me to believe they should be good and very concentrated. But the 1 comment I’ve seen about the sf test @ 5% across the board and the flavors were a bit weak could be flawed.

I’m personally gonna take a backseat and see how it plays out.


I found some redditers asking a similar question to this topic from back in Jan2013. It seems they were for flavoring water back then. Maybe people just never took to them and now the company has evolved and nobody bothered to check back in!


For the majority of the flavorings in the DB recipes are from one mixer, @arno. Perhaps they would be willing to help out. I dont think they are the same flavorings as there is a custard and i see no delicious custards on the FC website posted in the OP.

I wonder exactly what natural means now? Do they use the same chemicals as in a real strawberry? Do they use ALL of them? A strawberry can contain 100 different compounds.


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Not sure if Arno visits the forum, but it would be nice to get some feedback if so!


They should still get the email of the mention, im around 62.79% sure about that statement. :wink:


Thanks for checking behind the scenes for us.


Sounds like an insider… of flavor concentrate… <1 m read time stands for less then 1 minute???:joy:

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Apologies for the late reply. Their recommendations for % are food/beverage related and I tend to ignore those. I bought the 5pk 30ml@ sampler. Overall pretty happy with my purchase. Please keep in mind my taste buds did not recover much after quitting smoking so regard these impressions accordingly.

strawberry - middle of the road nice sweet sb, too sweet for me personally. I did use use this in a recipe I mixed on 03/06, the sb flavor still lingers but the sweetness seems to have gotten stronger. IIRC I used at 3%.

pineapple - good pineapple juice, the tester has held up well; for me it is just okay.

pear - pear juice, bit weak; reminds me of the pear they add to RL beverage juices. I have already pif’d this one to a mixer going for a Snapple apple juice. BTW I love pear mixes.

orange - again an orange juice, gets better with time but still has no body, just juice, no high notes.

pomegranate - I like this one, zero fade after 13 weeks and pretty good; not as tart as I would prefer but still a good layering flavor. This is likely the only one I will use regularly, it does show up but is more subtle so blends very well at 2-3%.

Anyone that would like to try the orange or pineapple are welcome to pm me. I’m doubt I will use them. I have oranges & pineapples I already love in my stash.


I contacted a customer service representative at Flavorconcentrates.com via their live chat provided on their website. I was told I could share the information provided below. Hopefully this will help those who are interested in trying their flavors. If anyone is interested in sampling their flavors they will provide samples upon request.


Great job! Nobody has responded to my inquiry on their contact form. I didn’t have time to chat, so I just sent a basic request through their website. Thanks for taking the time, being thorough and having a nice professional tone! You’ve made us all look a little better in their minds, I’m sure.


No problem Plunderdrum :cherry_blossom: and thank you for the compliment. It was my pleasure. Hopefully you and everyone will get some nice samples to try.


Sent off a sample request! Lol