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hi, haven’t posted on the forums in a while and did a general search and saw the “Recommended Flavors and Research List” page for extracts, however was generally looking for more opinions. i have been using flavor west and the flavor apprentice for some time now, and generally have not had any problems whatsoever, i was curious as to what companies people could recommend for most concentrated/best tasting/best company to go through. i have a few flavors i will always go back to through those companies that i really enjoy, but am looking for more concentrated flavors to bring down the PG%(or even extracts that are diluted in VG if that even exists?) any and all help appreciated. thanks in advance!

Flavour Art and Inawera are pretty good.


I believe all the companies have their home run flavors and also some relative fails. From what I have seen, people tend to use a mixture of many companies to achieve the flavors they are looking for.
Flavorah and Medicine Flower have been pretty popular for the stronger concentrations. Real Flavors is known to be very good, also, and is VG, I think.
@Pro_Vapes in particular comes to mind for using the stronger concentrations often, maybe he can give some good insights?

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Each of the companies have their own strengths which complicates an outright favourite for me.
In saying that I would stick my neck out for Flavour Art as they have very few ‘off’ flavourings!
Most are bang on the nose!
Inawera also impress but Flavorah are greatly impressing me just now, some really great flavours.
My next stop in tasting will be Real flavours as I admire their openness with us, especially on this forum via Walt, they have also listened to us and acted upon advice so hats off to them.
Being unemployed just now make my purchases limited but I have promised myself that with enough favourable reviews and some spare cash they will be my next port of call to try out.


The most concentrated flavors I’ve used is Medicine Flower Pure Extract… no PG or VG… Just flavor and pretty much spot on.

Other more concentrated flavors I like is Flavorah, Flavourart and INW. IMO they beat the big 3 hands down.

I do use some from the Big 3, but I limit them as much as possible.

There’s a whole thread on this…

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I’m voting Flavor Art and Capella

For high concentration?

No for flavor. I cant argue Capella needs a higher usage percentage on a lot of their stuff but it’s pretty darn tasty and generally does not have to steep very long.

Vanilla Custard V1 is the best cream base for recipes in my book. (My book)

I can’t argue with that. My favorite also. I think I have about 5-6 Cap flavors I can’t replace.

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I agree with @Pro_Vapes. Yup and yup

The key is its like Pokemon (not that I have ever played). But you gotta catch’em all. All of them have their really really good flavors flavors…and some duds. But yeah, I have a whole ton of FA, and slowly building my INW stash now. And if some of the flavors don’t get me where I want to be mf and real flavors will be the next.

The trick is you sometimes need a touch of a flavor from cap or tpa just to round off a flavor. Like with fruits. FA fruits I think are very realistic and fantastic. But sometimes you need 1-3% of cap or tpa just to put more flavor at the front end or back end of the vape. But 1-3% is very little in the realm of using cap and tpa.