Flavor diminishing with time?

I made a root beer flavored e-liquid back in January that’s been sitting in the cupboard since then. When I first made it, it tasted just like root beer. I got it out just a while ago, and for some reason it now tastes like nothing except PG/VG/nic. Do flavors just disappear like that? And yes, the bottle is capped tightly, and it’s kept in a dark, cool place.

Yes and no. Can you post what it is exactly you made it with? Was it only a root beer flavor and pg/vg/nic or did you have additional flavors in it as well?

Why I ask that is, there are a few flavors that will mute/diminish the juice over time. EM (Ethyl Maltol) and EV(Ethyl Vanillin/Vanillin) are 2 that I found that do this the most

The answer for sure is yes…it can. Nic does degrade as time goes. Also, for me, I don’t like the flavor change when I vaped half a mix and shelved the bottle and tried after 5weeks. Of course EM has already been mentioned.

Since I am alittle wacky. But since I try to hit the lowest amount of flavoring added I personally feel the air does allow for chemical reactions. So a half full mixed bottle is going to react more than a full bottle. But this is me being wacky probably…and just me being more crazy and over analyzing.