Flavor hunting any recommendations

Hi again

Had a great response from my last thread full of recomendstions!

Ive made 6 sweet flavours in the bakery range but am now looking to try some fruits.

Ive been hitting the recipes all day but havent found anything i want to commit too.

Does anyone have a juice theyve made thats like summery im talking mango peach refreshing that sort of vibe!

Look forward to hearing from you.


I’m a beginner at mixing , I had a few bad flavours and mixes that were not very good , I almost gave up .Then I found this recipe for fruit salad at Make my Vape. It only required a 4 day steep so I tried it . It’s great .It renewed my confidence . the pineapple was a bit over powering but blended in after a long steep . I will be making a lot more of this .I bought all the flavours recommended .
4% Mango-- TFA
4% Pineapple–TFA (I used Pineapple Juicy)
6% Strawberry Ripe-- TFA
5% Raspberry --Capella

do you like guava ???

Here’s one by @Shaner that’s on my to-do list


Cheers guys and yes i love guava

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capella sweet guava and tpa honeydew are two of my favorite flaves they mix well with almost any other fruit either as the main note or as a supporting flave


Another ya might try is… simple recipe

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