Flavor list ..?

Hello !
Very grateful for this usefull forum
Im seeking help understanding how the flavor list goes… When i look up a flavor it says: percentage used in recipies… Does that include if i use it as a single flavor too?
Would appreciate some help thanks!

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It’s simply the percentage used by the community in their various recipes; single mix or otherwise.


It’s an average of how much was used divided by how many recipes used it…but it can be a good starting point but I always try using the minimum to start with…if you look up your flavor it will give you the max min and avg % for that flavor there will be 2 sets of % one for a single flavor mix and one for multiple flavors in a mix…


Mastering this tool should help a lot when looking into flavors…


I see thanks… So it doesnt refer to regarding a one flavor recipie or more just overall average …ok thanks!


Also please be mindful when searching flavor names to double check the correct spelling and correct manufacturer’s abbreviation. There are many misspelled and incorrectly listed names in the database.
Selecting the wrong name could affect your percent usage. :sunglasses:

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There are 2 percentages in the flavour section, the one on the left is the average % in a mix, and the one on the right is the average % in a single flavour.
If you want to do a single flavour recipe, use the one on the right. It is at the very least a good starting point for the right % for you.

The one that have the bold percentages in recipe is usually come first (on the left side in your browser) and the other one said single flavor recomendation come after that (on the right inyour browser)
the browser i meant here is if you open in desktop/ laptop computer, not cellphone.

Great thank you!!