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Flavor naming update #2 (naming convention)


And THERE it is !!!

Nice, quick, easy, helpful. Love it.



I’m sorry, but I scrolled through the old thread and didn’t see a post saying whether (jf) or (jungle flavors) is correct. Maybe I scrolled too fast and missed it. Usually if I’m not sure, I go with what’s used the most, but for this company, strawberry, sweet has the most recipes for (jungle flavors), while biscuit has the most under (Jf). Unless these are different companies? Whichever it is, I’ll be sure to fix my stash if necessary. Thank you!



@Sprkslfly @TorturedZen
@NoFumus could use some assistance!



As a stop gap for now I would use the most used names of each flavor. Then when that flavor set get attention the names should get rolled together into the correct nomenclature.



They are the same company. As a rule we lean towards mfr abbreviations as the identifier. Jungle Flavors should be listed as (JF).
Both are correctly listed as Strawberry, Sweet(JF) and Biscuit (JF).
Be sure you click the RECIPES column after you do the search. That will sort highest number of recipes to the top.



There’s been sort of an “ongoing investigation” into the whole abbreviations aspect. And as a result there has been no “formal announcement”.

You have nothing to apologize for, though I appreciate your attention to detail and willingness to help the situation by wanting/trying to do your part! :thumbsup:

The thing is, in this particular case…
I’m not sure which company is technically older (so to speak), but JF has been ‘correct’ for Jungle Flavors for a “large” segment of the userbase.

In very close proximity though (time-wise) a wonderful “little” company called Juice Factory (Au) has continually crept into the international spotlight, and the two have simultaneously encroached the same acronym space in regards to the database.

Some flavors have been easy to identify and separate (thanks to some unique flavor naming schemes), however, there’s some basic flavors and names that are just going to be overlapping.

What I’ve been trying to do so far (while trying to consider how to approach the overall aspect for future situations) is to separate those that are unique into the full name of the corresponding company. But personally, I foresee a time coming where the individual user is going to have to choose (and reallocate their notes etc) into the properly named company, either without an abbreviation, OR with a modified abbreviation. I’m not sure yet. Nor do I know how any of this may or may not fit into whatever timeline daath may have in mind.

I’d really like to avoid everyone going in and adding their own naming convention in the meantime, as it means a smoother time setting things up for me, rather than having to play “clean up” after the fact… BUT I also acknowledge that as long as it’s an open database, there’s REALLY nothing I can do to prevent it. So it’s going to happen (to some degree) regardless.

All I can hope for is that everyone adheres to some basic common sense approaches. Put the manufacturer’s flavor name, and then brand (in parenthesis) and NOT where they bought it, or the size, or stock number, or location, or other inane information in the flavor naming line (title).
The place for all of that is in the notes (not going off on you mind you… Just addressing the general topic)!

It’s also beyond my comprehension how certain folks have been starting to list names of FINISHED ELIQUIDS IN a damned DIY FLAVOR DATABASE.
That just PISSES ME OFF! :rage:

But I’m drifting, so I’ll stop here. :laughing: :wink:

I hope this helps answer your questions!
If not, please feel free to holler!