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Flavor...no flavor


I tried my first recipe and have an issue. I use 6%, my wife 0%. With her’s, I taste the blueberries. With mine, no.
Does nicotine stifle the flavor or should it not matter?
We use sub ohm tanks.
Thank you.


While I had been taught (from random vape shops and reading random accounts) that less nicotine = more flavor, I never tested the theory myself. It seems you have the answer!

If both your and your wife’s mod/atomizer/power/ohms are the same or very similar, you have a fine lab for testing.

Maybe you can play with adding more flavor to yours a little at a time to see if you find a % at which you detect the Blueberry similarly to hers. You can then make yours at the new % and keep hers the same in future mixes.

Edited to add: Have you tried dropping to 2-3mg strength? We’re all differnt with different preferences, of course. But, if you haven’t tried it lower, you may not know that it can be very satisfying! I’ve been at 2mg for almost 2 years, and trying my wife’s 3mg mixes blows me away. I know a 6mg is torturous from testing a mix I make for a friend. My wife recently dropped to 1.5mg and is way more satisfied than she was at 3mg. Food for thought!


Are you using the same pg/vg and what brand of blueberry?


I was told the same thing when I first started vaping… I started at 24 or 18mg Nic and when I went down to 3mg I did notice a difference , but between 0 , 3 and 6 I never could tell


It is the Blackberry Milk One Shot by mlNikon. 70/30.


Did you shake well before serving?


70pg on a sub ohm, it never could vape that high a pg. You might just try boosting with another blueberry or bilberry.


If I were a betting man… I’d say there’s probably a good chance that 70% ratio is VG, not PG. :wink:


Probably so. I list my mixes vg/pg everywhere but here.


Does your Nicotine look like this

Sorry an inside joke but also a valid concern/question…


It is 70vg and 30pg.

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A little more information about your recipe, mixing, nicotine strength of your nicotine base and vape equipment would be useful.
If you mix a batch, give it to your wife and then dilute it with nicotine for yourself (for example), you’re not getting the same concentration.
If you’re not using the same tanks, same coils, same wicking, you’re going to get different results. Did you test on old coils/wick or was it a fresh build?

If you want to get down to the bottom of it, you should give as much info as possible.


Would you suggest bumping the flavors if I add the nicotine for myself?

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Hi @rvenneman I say give it a try. Bump it up a little at a time. Blueberry for me gets a less enjoyable if I get a little too much.

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I would suggest making 2 separate recipes. One that caters for your wife’s 0% needs and one for you. Put them both in the calculator so that you have the same percentages of flavor in both liquids. Your nic contains either PG or VG (or both) and will thin out your flavor concentrate otherwise.

As stated by others before, the nicotine itself doesn’t influence flavor that much in low concentrations, IMO. Contrary to what people have said before though, I know a few people that never smoked, started vaping 0-nic and changed to 3mg specifically to increase their flavor experience (the reason they give for it as I could not understand why they would willingly start using nic). Personally I do not have the same experience, I just get nic cravings when I vape 0 nic, normally I use 5mg.

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Since nicotine is an excellent flavour CARRIER you might want to reduce your percentage of flavour in order to get the same result.

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IMO the nic/salts do not carry flavor but in and of themselves for some can add a flavor of their own. I personally don’t do 0mg testers for this reason because I did notice a difference myself with and without nic.


Welcome to the forums.

Not sure where (or how) you got this impression, but nicotine is not considered a carrier in the arena of DIY eliquid.

PG, alcohol, PEG, and even water are carriers. They are what a given flavor is suspended in, or “carried by”. Further, the carrier usually outweighs the flavor molecule(s) to be delivered by a vastly larger amount.

Even in a 100mg nicotine solution, the carrier is either VG or PG.


Ya i think the confusion is bc of the PG or VG in the Nic Solutions …But @Sprkslfly is absolutely right Nicotine is NOT a flavor carrier…