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Flavor percentage suggestions

If you haven’t already noticed, I am currently testing out a new feature. When you add flavors to a recipe, it will add the median mixing % as default. It only works on the top 5 flavors in the drown down. It should automatically fill out the % and select the number (so that you can just type your own, if you want to adjust it, without actually having to delete it).

It still needs some work, and it not very optimized…

I will probably also make it a thing you can turn on and off in your preferences.

Happy new year to all of you!

:slight_smile: Lars

UPDATE: It is no longer restricted to the top 5, however, it takes a moment after you select the flavor for the suggested % to show up. If you type something in the mean time, the suggestion will be ignored :slight_smile:


COOL /10CHAR @daath


tried to try it out in Microsoft edge - didn’t work :frowning:

but did try it our in internet explorer … I think this is a great idea. this very well could be a very nice feature to new mixers just getting into DIY. this would @ least giving a starting point to those who haven’t researched the flavors

2 thumbs up !


Try creating a new recipe and adding TPA VBIC
Not all the flavors will do it yet… (e.g. vanilla custard v1 cap)


I see what you mean , but I also see that

Custard, Vanilla (v1) - Capella Flavors

has no single use recommendations… maybe that has something to do with it. who knows its it testing phase right now… always little bugs in the testing phase.

sill I very good idea and very good feature for beginners just getting into DIY…

good job @daath. when you hide single flavor recipes I thought you were forgetting about the little guy just getting into DIY… Researching Single Flavor recipes was one of the steps i did before mixing flavors I got from nicotine river. I didn’t know about the forums until months later .

But this new feature could help new People joining the DIY world…


There looks to be a small bug with that one relating to the flavour names I have let sparky know about it


Fixed. See updated post above :slight_smile:


But they should you the flavor statistics for that :slight_smile: Single flavor recommendations :slight_smile:


@daath I noticed this earlier, but I thought it was putting in my own average use lol guess I’m pretty close to the median usually


I always wished something like that! It takes the guesswork out and gives you an idea!
Of course we all know what we’re doing but……. it’s an hint and from my point of view this is a fab feature!
If you don’t mind I’ll put it in my new video!

Thanks Lars

BTW with edge it works, just tested it!


Of course I don’t mind :slight_smile:


Thank you for all you do to help us with this service. Happy New Year!


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