Flavor Preservation

So how do liquid manufacturers get more shelf life out of their flavors? Some of my best flavors drop off substantially in flavor at around 5-6 weeks and based on my experience buying liquid from brick and mortars out there I know the suicide bunny’s and space jam’s of the world aren’t turning their juices around that quickly. Does anyone have or know some tricks to get more shelf life out of your flavors?

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flavors or finished juice ???

Not talking about concentrates talking about e-liquid, juice, sauce, cream, slyme.

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i dont add nicotine until after the liquid has steeped this helps but keep in mind that manufactures are using clean rooms and bottling their juice with limited oxygen in the bottle if any at all that alone is a huge difference between commercial juice and diy , also it depends on the flaves you are using some flaves lose their potency with time while others pop at week 3 and 4 , using ethyl maltol will mute flavors as well , search what flavors or enhancers will mute flaves over time

Keeping the finished product in glass bottles also prolongs shelf life.

Airtight, dark rooms, vacuum seals, preservatives ???

Could they be using preservatives in their e-liquid?! :confused:

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I would also mention the idea of mixing based on shelf life. A SnV mix can be different than a sit for two months. Sometimes better…sometimes worse. This is why I mix for my prefereanc of 3-6 week steep at this point.

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Less is more. Steeped eliquids with ideal %s will gain not lose flavor IMHO for the first 2 months then “milliard” will slow and any change from that point forward will be slower. What % is ideal? Its unfortunately going to be different for every flavor concentrate on the market. Individual single flavor testing can help but does not factor how flavors will merge,layer or effect one another in a mix using multiple flavors. I have e liquid that is over 3 years old that has kept. Currently vaping vaping FA Joy standalone at 3% made 0ct 25 2015. I know now Joy will add a powdered sugar funnel cake type flavor addition in a mix. However in a mix 3% will probably be too much as .5 will suffice to add the notes that FA Joy offers

ive wondered that as well , i usedbto get looper and itbwas always clear like it was first mixed and it had nicotine but once i crackes that bottle open color change would happen rather quickly , its a real good possibility , but those clean rooms and the vacuum sealed bottles work wonders i truly believe that alone helps , but alot of those stores are lit up well and the juice is sitting out so you would think the lighting would affect it also

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