Flavor prices

Good morning everyone,
Just a quick comment and question.
Yesterday, I was about to place some bulk orders and noticed that, for the most part, Capella’s prices for 16 oz flavors is roughly 4X the price for the same flavor from TPA. Specifically, I was looking for Graham Cracker. Capella’s price for 4 oz is $19.99 and TPA’s price for 16 oz is $17.00

My question is, through your experience, is the inflated Capella price worth it?
Thanks everyone.

As with most Flavor Vendors some flavors are irreplaceable. If you research and compare users comments it will help you decide if your want to pay more for certain flavors. As for the Graham you spoke about, I wouldn’t buy the Cap for 4x more. TPA Graham is very good.


Thanks very much Pro_Vapes. Good to know that the TPA Graham is as good as the Capella’s.
:slight_smile: I’ll place the order.

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I personally prefer Flavor West’s Graham Cracker and I am pretty sure their offering would be less than both TPA or Capella.


Thanks very much for the response Morning_Glory. I’ll check them out.

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It all really depends on preference and end result. Not being specific from one brand to another…but it doesn’t do you any good if you have to use for example 5% cap flavoring compared to 8% tpa and so on.

It all comes down to price per ml. And the end flavor result. You may like the recipie between with cap but it sings when you use INW. And extra buck is worth it you your mix sings you a sweet sweet love song.

I agree… there’s hardly any usage difference between the two grahams he listed and Cap isn’t that superior. If he had asked about the custards I would say it’s worth 4x more. I’m one that spare the extra expense for the best I can get. But when flavor and usage % is close, I recommend the discount.

Thanks Pro_Vapes and Chrispdx.
It sounds like you’ve both been mixing for quite some time. Regardless of the flavor, do you find yourselves getting a small sample of each manufactured flavor (vanilla custard for example from TPA, Cap, INW, FW, etc) and determining which works best for a given recipe or do you go by recommendations?
As palates are so different seems like you might have to use the “try and try again” method.

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There’s a ton of info, if you know where to search. That will help you decide what’s good and what’s not. I tend to look at premium flavors first. It never hurt to ask questions when you’re in limbo.

Here’s a good place to start…

I would say get the smallest amount possible at first of all flavors you want. Then if you find recipes you think you’ll be making a lot of, buy bigger bottles of the flavors they use. I’ve got all kinds of small bottles I don’t use much so I’m glad I didn’t buy bigger ones.

Some go further than others too. INW for example, all of the flavors I have from them are so highly concentrated a small bottle seems to last forever.

The general recommendation is buying the smaller bottles 10ml to see if you like the results.

To be honest I typically buy 30mls…but there are a few that I should have bought the smaller ones like mts FA for example. But I also hate falling in love and having to go shopping since I’m trying to spread out my buying to 3 month incriments.

As for mixing for a long time many of our members are truely pros at it. I’m still new, I just look knowledgeable because I’ve spent countless hours reading all the different posts. Knowledge is the key to the success…and all that knowledge is here for free to read.

Cap is still more expensive but it looks like you have a wholesale account with TPA, but not with Capella. The wholesale price for most 4oz at Capella is $9.98.