Flavor profile each flavor?

Bare with me as I’m very new to this. I recently took delivery of about 14 different flavors, some pg, vg, nicotine and a scale. I’ve got how to use the diy calculators and have made a few different small batches (10ml) of juice.

What I’ve been doing is just going in blindfolded and using the “what can I make” feature of my flavor stash on this site. Turns out that I can’t really make a lot as I was missing plenty of key flavors. So I went ahead and placed two more ordered that puts my flavor collection to around 45 different flavors.

While I can probably copy recipes that are posted here and get good results, I feel as if I should be sampling each flavor individually to get a flavor profile. Is this something that most people do? To get a feel for each flavor and to tweak certain recipes to my taste? If so, I’ll buy a bunch of 5ml bottles to do just that.


Yes it is a really good step to test each flavour - it is referred to here as single flavour testing or SF - there are many ways to do it

Lots of good info on how to do it



What he said…this may help u get started on how to research each flavor as to mixing % and uses Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners
Gl to u!


Well I have nothing to do at work tonight. Guess I’ll be doing more research! And I just ordered a 100ct bag of 5ml dropper bottles. Yay amazon!


U said u had 10s, 5ml do fit in 10ml bottles, lol but dont forget reading, lots of great info here

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I used some 15ml bottles to mix 10ml tests in. But I just purchased the 5ml droppers to use specifically for single flavor testing.


I agree that you really do need to get familiar with what each flavour brings to the party, and tasting them individually is the best way.
Enjoy the journey.


You are a very smart cookie :smiley:
This is usually something that has to be hammered in with both new and experienced mixers and you just find that out all by yourself! It’s indeed the best way to know your flavors and to know what to expect from recipes that are posted.
When testing single flavors, you should try them at different percentages and at different moments during a steep process.


Thanks! At first I thought you were being sarcastic, until i kept reading.

That’s what I was reading about earlier at work. Testing flavors at a couple different percentages. I’m currently browsing the site for each flavor I have and gathering the common SF percentages to use as a base line. I will be doing three different percentages for most, if not all, of my flavors. Starting under, at and just over the common SF percentages for each.

This is, in a way, kind of like working up a load for a new powder or bullet when reloading ammunition. Which I do lots of. I’ve noticed some people really struggle at first and some even shy away from it because of the learning curve. It’s this curve that drives me to “master” my mixology!


Also, remember to keep notes!!! I keep a simple excel file with flavor name, percentage used, and my notes. Will come in handy when you want to create a new recipe for yourself.

That is the most highly recommended thing to do since the creation of ELR! It’s a little tedious, and I think I’m not alone in that I’m a giant slacker when it comes to this, but I’m doing more now than I used to. If you start while your stash is still small and just do it with every new flavor you get, (taking notes on your results) it won’t become a monumental task that is so daunting you may be apt to put it off. Single flavor testing 15-45 flavors as they come in should be much more enjoyable than putting it off and then it’s over 150!

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I didn’t mention that, but I already put a notebook at my mixing station that my wife so generously let me set up in the spare bedroom.

However, I think using an excel spreadsheet is the wiser thing to do. I might just do that instead.


Hey, @boostin53, check this post on reddit:

This guy teaches you how to write flavor profiles. It’s a very interesting and useful approach.


Very good read!! Thanks for posting the link!!!