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Flavor Revolution Tasting Notes

Gonna have to look at the recipe again. If it doesn’t taste good I won’t post it in the thread. Really need to give it some time to settle to give a 1-3% max suggestion but it sure is looking that way initially. Primary flaves were FR with supporting flaves of FA, Diyfs and NF


Sounds promising!


@Silhouette did say the banana was potent and these are as well and so far, not in a gross way. Used Apple Red and Caramel in the fall experiment. If everyone seems to have success with FR, then that’s really good news eh? plus its strong AF!


HUGELY so for me in particular :smile:, as I’m more or less finding myself in the rotten position of having to find a suitable replacement for many favorites from Inawera. :cry:

I dislike having to use 6% or more of any flavoring, because it’s so limiting for me (with my 80%vg restriction). And there’s really not enough competition in the 1-3% potency category in my humble opinion. :wink:


Very true. Guess you could work some OT and pick up some FR we don’t have yet or…I could send a few squirts of the ones I picked up


NR just informed me that flavor revolution is diketone free


this recipe could be tweaked and needs a full 7-10 days but its not too bad. i think flavor revolution is going to do just fine. their vanilla custard is good too

Caramel Apple Experiment 1

Ingredient %
Apple Red (Flavor Revolution) 1.50
Butter (NF organic) 0.50
Caramel (AR) (DIYFS) 1.00
Caramel (Flavor Revolution) 3.00
DX Marshmallow (TPA) 0.50
Fuji Apple (FA) 0.50

Flavor total: 7%

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the AR caramel is the array of flavors caramel by diyfs. can sub in whatever marshmallow you want. added fuji apple for a bit of tart apple


Just got the Custard in, and it’s stuh-rong. Smells similar to Purilum, just more dairy heavy. I have to play around with it to really know what I like it with. That will take a little while.


Their custard is a more milky type one and can see how t could be used a lot. Looking forward to experimenting more with it.


I can’t be objective when it comes to Custard flavors, my palate is definitely…wonky. I haven’t really tried one I didn’t like (except FW, just ghastly like putrid eggnog, that has literally been regurgitated). RF isn’t quite strong enough, CAP V1 gives me a throat tickle. Maybe, INW, FLV (Custard and Pudding) and Purilum are my top 3’s. But then again, French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA) I use as a Custard, sometimes, it can be rich and overwhelming though.


Ithe custard seems very good and diketone free. For a relatively new to us company, FR is good imo. There is and will be a learning curve but I haven’t spit any out yet. The fuzzy fruit seems to have a slight black currant odor to it and looking forward in messing with it. It’s uniquely different I’ll say.


Hope to see your results with that fuzzy fruit


Haven’t had any nasty flavors from them yet. which ones have you tried?

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I haven’t…This is the first time I have heard of them…Seems to be a variety of new released flavor companies lately…so just keeping my ears to the wall here to see if any spark my interest…I saw a guy on Vaping Underground (VU) post some thoughts on his preliminary tests

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In the recipe experiment posted, I think I will remove the Fuji next time. It’s good yet doesn’t belong here. Adds a hint of funky.


Anyone have the Mango, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, or Graham Cracker? Been playing with those for the past month, just wondering if I am the only one…

So which FR flavors do you have? You seem to be quite present in these FR threads.

As I’ve mentioned before (elsewhere) with my situation being what it is, I can’t afford to play the new flavors game much lately. So none yet brother…but good eye! I’m pretty damned excited about what I’m reading so far in the early reports.

I’m all about low percentages and accurate representations! :smiley:


Flavor Revolution

Custard (Suggested Starting 2%, Adjust to taste)

I used 2% and 3%
65/35 VG PG

Man, I don’t know where to start on this one. I’m not going to try to assign a number rating, it doesn’t work like that for me. It’s pretty dairy strong upon smelling, and I haven’t quite figured out where this Custard fits into my perception of Custard flavors yet. I know they aren’t using Custard note ingredients, so I assume it’s the Butanoic Acid that may be what I am not liking here, or maybe the amount used. It is slightly spiced, sort of how FW Vanilla Custard has that allspice/eggnog vibe. I also taste what seems very similar to CAP Buttercream. The slight spice is not overpowering, certainly not in the way that it is in FW Vanilla Custard, but it’s present. I have a few Custard flavors I enjoy that don’t have Acetoin/AP, but I am having trouble liking this one. If the dairy was more milky, or coconutty, it would be splendid for me. I don’t like single flavor testing, because it never gives the whole picture for me, or even the potential that a flavor could have given the right accompanying flavors. It’s a good Custard flavor, and maybe it’s just my palate being silly, but I need to really explore flavor combinations before I can make up my mind on this. The amount of Butanoic Acid (if that’s what I’m tasting) could be a deal breaker on this one for me. To the mixing board!


I just ordered a nice bunch of these, Pineapple, Sweet Cream, Graham Cracker, Cream,Caramel,Sweet Strawberry,Banana Ripe,Custard,Butterscotch, Blue Rasberry, Blueberry,Green Apple,Grape Candy,Tropical Strawberry,Vanilla Blast,Watermelon,Woody Tobacco,Sweet Tobacco,Morning Tobacco,and Leafy Tobacco. I will Try to post some notes as I work threw them. This will be a first for from the Flavor Revolution line for me.


Butyric Acid perhaps?
I know that’s been a very prominent “sore thumb” for me in several of the DX/v2 flavors (and suspected in a couple of “normal” flavors as well).

While SF testing can indeed be trying at times, it’s without a doubt what made it possible for me to single out the offending Butyric Acid note (as a result of comparing v2 vs the original counterpart).

Keep at it, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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