Flavor Stash: edited not by myself?!

All of my flavorings are Medicine Flower, like that they’re organic and I really just mix fruity juice. I make a 10% (or maybe you’d say 90%?) dilution of all the flavors to quicken steep and allow a larger margin for error when mixing. Had added into my stash all the details for both the full strength and dilution of each flavor. Been a few days since I’ve mixed anything, have just opened my stash to discover duplicates of every flavor rather than the full and diluted?! I figure there will be no way to revert to the names and information I originally entered, but am wondering about the mechanics of how/why this happened because I’d like to recreate my dilution listings but in such a way as to avoid this headache in the future. My thought would be that naming the dilutions (MF) led to this mishap, so if I just didn’t include a manufacturer or made one up I could “beat the system?” Appreciate any knowledge or guidance available on the matter, was amped to get into mixing some recipes I’ve been drumming up but now have my sails removed of their wind with the prospect of redoing my whole stash :sob:

In an effort to help @daath out with some of the day-to-day, I’ve been working on cleaning up the flavor database. The site works best when only one version of each flavor (from each company) exists so that all who have that flavor can find recipes that use it. It makes the percentages, search by stash, and what can I make more meaningful if the same flavor isn’t repeated in the database multiple times. It’d be more beneficial for the community if you included the dilution information in your notes rather than as a separate flavor. If you really feel you need the flavors to be distinct, you can re-add them and I will try to make sure they don’t get merged. As to duplicates in your stash, you can click on the trash can icon to remove them. Apologies for the trouble.

PS I’ve been meaning to make a post on this topic but just kept forgetting. Anyone else having trouble with something I’ve merged, let me know and I’ll try to get it sorted. I try to make sure that I’m getting everything done correctly and stuff, but I’m human and make mistakes. :wink:


Totally get the reason! Have done similar renaming and cleaning up of my extensive media library recently and while the result is glorious and satisfying, the journey much less so. Hats off to you for undertaking what I can only assume is a seriously large task! I dilute the flavors into VG, so with all the extra weight I find the dilution listing very helpful. Could I name them something to differentiate them in the database and keep things smoothly running? Perhaps (MFD) Medicine Flower Dilution?


How about something like Apple (Diluted) (MF)? There are some automatic links that are generated with certain companies but it only works if the company is correct like (MF) or (Cap).

Sounds good, thank you for the speedy replies and the work you’re doing! I am a huge fan of both the calculator and the community, not a big poster but do a good deal of reading. Certainly want to be part of the solution and not the problem around here!


@JoJo is doing a GREAT job - and she’s trawled through SO many dupes it’s ridiculous :smiley:


I noticed the change thanks @JoJo !


@JoJo Since you’re already ‘in the works’… Wanted to point out a rather unclear “redundancy” (even though it is not in reality).

If you sign in on the forum, then on the top right where you have your name/icon shown, just to the left of that there’s three bars (horizontally)…if you click on that, “Categories” comes up and shows within that two “General” categories.

Only upon actually opening both, do you learn that one is for “General eliquids” (with a green square) and the other’s a ‘full and true’ General category (with the blue square).

Perhaps you (or @daath) might be able to make this a bit easier to decipher? :wink:

As always, thanks for all you do!

PS: It also might just be a ‘resolution’ issue, as I never run firefox in full screen mode. (If it helps, I run @ 1920x1080 and each window is approx. 6" wide x 5" high)

PPS: IIRC, the general tab displays the same (as windows does) on my android (v4.4.2)

That’s definitely something for daath. I see what you’re saying, but I don’t have the ability to do anything about that.

No problem!!

Kinda hate to mention it, but at the same time, it’s a bit confusing (especially for newer posters, or being on a phone). Sorry to add to you guy’s workload, but the ‘technician in me’ see’s strange little things like this, and instantly wants to fix it. :x

Hmm. You’re right. It’s actually intentional, but looking at it like that, it’s not totally clear… Perhaps the e-liquid one should be merged into the true general?.. Dunno, right now. I’m tired :slight_smile:


I don’t think they should be merged. One is the main General category for all the random chit chat and the other is for ‘general’ talk about e-liquids.

Maybe change the e-liquids one to something like Misc. Or make all the main category labels caps or something so that it’s easier to tell that they are categories and not really sections?

Dunno, I don’t guess I ever really looked at that before and being around for awhile I kinda got all the colors mean different sections. :slight_smile: