Flavor stash options

Thank you all for the work on elr! I was hoping to sort my flavor stash by date added? I can’t figure out how, tried exporting, is this possible?

also to be able to sort the flavor list by the date someone created the first entry for a flavor?

Gets hard to keep track of what’s newly arrived to me and newly created by a company

Thanks again for all the work on elr, it makes our lives better, hope we all can continue on through this e-cigarette oppression

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Im not sure sorting

Im not sure you can sort by date added , of course you can enter the date into your flavor notes for that flavor …Its not a bad idea . I am also not sure what it would take to achieve that from the programming end @daath would be the best person for that answer


There is no novelty option for flavours - I must admit to being confused as to why it would be useful. Novelty is @SessionDrummer’s domain with SFTs around here.


I write the date received on every bottle I buy. It’s the only way I’ve figured out how to keep track of them.


@Ericsgreen the stash is not able to be sorted by date.

Getting hard to keep track of, is EXACTLY what I know. Your best bet, it to setup a simple spreadsheet. You can track everything you want to, quantity, purchase date, even notes if you need to.

As my stash grew, the ONLY way I could sort both on my racks and in the spreadsheets was by MFG first, then alphabetical.

This is something everyone should do. Not only can you see at a glance, but with multiple bottles, rotating to use up the oldest first, etc.


Geez, I never thought of that. Thx for the tip.


Ah thnx, I do have all packing slips for every order I’ve made, to add the flavors into elr, so I guess I have a date for them

still it’d be a nice function to have in the personal and flavor lists, easier to track what’s newly made and newly acquired. It’s gotten much harder to see what I’ve used, what sft etc, and when I get a few orders at once, to keep track of what’s newer and wants to be sampled


If you’re so inclined there’s an offline calculator that does what you need.
DIY Juice Calculator


I can’t believe I forgot that @TorturedZen. TZ for the win !!!