Flavor stash

I just filled in my flavor stash, WOW I had no idea that I have 60 flavors that I use on a regular basis. I figured like 30 or so.


lol. Yeah I think that’s always the case when going from a tub of flavors to some sort of list.

It’s also that moment when you realized you are starting to become a flavor hoarder.

That being said…how many flavors do you need to have in your stash to be called a flavor hoarder? 100, 200?

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It’s not the number of flavors you have, but the number you have stashed that you haven’t used in over a year…

Like I recently dumped what was left of a dram of LA Blueberry into a cup of plain yogurt cuz that flavor was getting OLD (3+ years) and I knew I was never gonna mix with it again.

What’s worse is I have a dram of LA Pina Colada that’s the same age that still has the shrink-wrap seal on it…

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I went through my active recipes and my stash to do the list. I only listed the flavors I use on a regular basis. I started DIY in Oct of last year and have already sent two boxes of “wow I cant believe I bought that or somebody else gave me” flavors on to newbs to experiment with. Now I’ve got some more that I’ll pass on when I get a few more.

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Someone who needs a job who knows a lot about chemicals should run a “Salvation Army”, a “Goodwill” or some kind of “no kill shelter” for orphan flavor bottles. I think the trouble a lot of us have is we DIY because we don’t like to waste things or waste money. I know some of this stuff I have is never going to get used and should be given to someone who “needs” it.


We had a traveling care package going for a while on the other forum that I frequent, but somebody dropped the ball somewhere. We were mailing to whoever requested it. They’d take what they wanted add whatever they had and didn’t use then mail it on to the next person in line. It just sort of fizzled out. I thought it was a great idea.


I say “chemical expert” because it has to be safe. It has to be someone who can keep a paper trail on where the stuff came from. It would just be a lot of work to make it safe, reliable and trust worthy.

Honestly, it might be impossible. Once the safety seal is off, it could be very cost prohibitive to verify that nothing questionable was done with the flavoring (anything from minor flavor contamination or spoilage to some malicious asshole dosing it with strychnine). I’ve vaped enough PIF and traded juice that I’m not really worried about something like that, but the risk does exist.

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I gotta agree right as I got started I experienced some issues and had to skip ordering a large flavor order that I really needed to accomplish just about anything I was thinking I’d like. Several friends PIF’d me a ton of 10 ml bottle they weren’t going to use and there always seemed to be several of the ones that I had wanted in the box too. More often than not they were not sealed bottles but home filled bottles. So I don’t think most would even consider it. If we did something like i was talking about originaly the best thing to to would be an inventory sheet with who contributed it and who accepted it.

I usually order dumb flavors when I’m hungry…

And the ones you order on a full tummy are more intelligent, do they mix themselves. lmao. :grin::grin::joy:

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Ha! I know, right?