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Flavor statistics for users

@anon84779643 had a nice idea to have a page specific to each user, where you can see their use of flavorings. A sort of mini-statistics where you can get an idea of how that user uses flavorings in general:

I liked that idea, primarily because it could provide some nice insights, but also because it is a fairly simple idea to implement.

On each ELR user profile page, there is now a “Flavor statistics”-link with all the other useful stuff. The page is simple. It takes all their public recipes and builds some simple statistics around it, such as min. % used, max % used and average % used as well as number of recipes with that flavoring. Clicking the number of flavorings takes you to their profile page, but their recipe list now only contains the recipes with that flavor.

Below everything there is general stats, min. % used, max. % used and average % used for all flavorings.

I hope you find it useful. When I have a little time again, I want to give you access to each user’s favorites. In your preferences you can choose to make them public or not.

Mix on and happy vaping! :slight_smile:


EDIT: I know median % is missing, but I feel this is less important when dealing with a single mixer, and without it it is considerably less hard on the server :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Looking at your own stats, private recipes are now included.


Thank you very much for this Lars… I really needed it.
I hope this will come in handy for everyone, to see just how one can use a flavor.

You made my Monday! :beer::+1::crazy_face::hugs:


You stats page is crazy. Avg. used 0.53% across all flavors :smiley: hehe it would be lower if you hadn’t inputted any stones :slight_smile:


I have to say you did an excellent job Lars… :slight_smile:
I am really proud of this…

check it out:

It does do the job I needed… back to work on the other side!

btw I already spotted a few goof mixes too I need to correct… so yes, excellent!
It was getting a bit too hard to see with all of the recipes I have up… atm there is 700+ recipe there…
About to do some clean up over the next few days.


Really interesting to see it laid out like that @daath.

I see that @anon84779643 favors herself some Cream !!!



I loves me some cream… but my fav is that sticky caramel :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re looking at your own profile, would it be possible to include private recipes in the stats?
Or have an extra table with those stats too?


Sure. Done :slight_smile:


Thanks, that was fast :smiley:
It certainly gives a whole different view and there are (I guess) quite a few that don’t publish too many recipes who it’ll be useful for.


The awesomeness of this site just keeps on going!!!



I love this idea. I love the idea of being able to pull a
data set from like 20 people. That way the averages appear to be a bit more…well averaged.

For me it would give me a better number to pull a better number. For example… smoky may like one drop of lime flv in a 15ml bottle as well as 10 other people…and another 10 like 3 drops. So to me I feel like I would start at 2 drops.


I asked for it as my recipes have become unmanageable, and I really need to sort thru them.
Digging around for a certain recipe and having to flip thru a bunch to just get to where I was going…
I thought if I have this issue, others do too. Happy our @daath can help us hel ourselves out of the hole we dig for ourselves :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m missing where I click for this probably unexpected flavor profile of myself.

My page/favorites
My profile link
Flavor Stats

And wow, strawberry is my numero uno, hmm… interesting


Very Nice feature​:+1:t2::dash::dash:


Hey Lars, though I hate writing SQL Code myself :smirk:, but it’s pretty sure you’re a Star in that zone…

Excellent features like this new one is what makes ELR what it is… The Best…
Thanks for it and Just keep up the good work man…


Wow. thats a great feature. Didn’t know I’ve missed that one until now :slight_smile:


Really? I find it actually a very rewarding activity, love it. it’s like talking to a machine and watching it come to life. There’s all this data in the DB and all you gotta do is ask to spit it out in the format you want.
I suppose it’s something like math though. As long as you don’t fully understand it, it’s difficult and boring but once you make the click with it, you see the possibilities and it becomes easy and fun.


I know this doesn’t represent the volume of the flavors that you mix, but I can tell from this list your Acai is way underused…


it does not. I do not have all my recipes up… and I need to organize what I have up here…
it is why i suggested this to start with… :wink:


Thank you Lars @daath and thank you @anon84779643, great idea!