Flavor sucks except for the real cheap flavors

I’m getting really stressed out cause I’ve spent a good amount of money and my juices still suck, except for the simple fruit salad I made in a pinch cause I didn’t want to spend 23 bucks on juice, so I spent about 4 cause I had every thing else I needed, so all of my juices have been steeping for at least 2 weeks, none are creams, well except the ice cream I have but I don’t know if that’s a real cream. I spent 3-5 bucks on each flavor the small sizes 10- 15MLthe nicotine wasn’t cheap either nor was the PG and vg. I watched a bunch of u tubevideos, I’m making it with a scale by weight as opposed to volume. I added more flavor to my blue raspberry cotton candy bubblegum and it still sucks, I’ve got a few American cigs left and there tempting me more and more as I continue gaping disgusting juices…

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If you could post a recipe it may help determine what is going wrong for you.


It is almost impossible ro start mixing vapable juice at your first attempts.maybe you should start by mixing other people"s recipes and then comtinue by mixing yours.why dont you post a recipe here and hear what other people think?


Give me an idea of flavor profiles you like. PM me an address, and I’ll send you some juice …no charge.
Maybe you may like some of them.


You are going to have ups and downs. Stick with it. We have all hit those bumps at the beginning.

Post a couple recipes and we can help you. Just type them in here and we can go from there


Hopefully it will keep you off the Cigs. till you get things figured out, and the good folks here can help.


It may be you are just used to the copious amounts of sweetener used in commercial juices.


Could you post your flavors , or the recipes you’ve tried.

This would make it easier to help you…

And since U said American cigs I assume your in the uk?


Here’s some flavors I like

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post recipe like everyone has said and we will help you


I’m trying to get my recipes on here I’m not from UK the US…

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have you used the ELR calculator ???

Here’s a few suggestions based of your first post. Not knowing what flavors you have . It still hard to make a good suggestion , I’ve not tried any of these recipes yet…

Any way to get a list of flavors you have

I have always had more downs than ups. I come up with around 5 recipes at a time when I mix. Some are new some are tweaks. Very rarely have I ever mixed one that is perfect to start off with. Some have a special place I call the trash bin. I haven’t been mixing a full year and can tell you that I am just now understand how and what to use with what…a little. It will come and my advice is to find a few recipes that are good off the shake, even if they are another mixers, Then you will have something to vape while you are honing your skills. When I first started I still bought juice because I didn’t mix anything I liked and the cigs were calling me. Candies and fruits are easier IMO. I get very discouraged as well when I spend money and time on mixing for something that I don’t like. You are not alone. If you can get the recipes posted. I have know doubts that the knowledge and experience in the forum can get you straight.


But of course.

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On the recipe calculator section, Open one of your recipes, click on the spanner, copy the BBcode and paste it in your reply. This will paste the recipe into the forum.

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Ignore the single star on my strawberry fruit salad, I did that by accident and haven’t been able to figure out how to get it off.

That really didn’t work, are your recipes public? if not use the copy as text option.

Need to Set them to public or share url privately

Then you can share private url

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Alrighty then, this is going to be hard.

When you make a recipe and add a flavor, the website will automatically come up with suggestions, for example “Cotton Candy (TPA/TFA)”. Choose the one that describes the product that you have (flavor and company) and has the largest number next to it. At the moment we have no idea which brand of cotton candy you have.

Also, cotton candy is generally EM, wich is used as a flavor enhancer/sweetener. It’s not really a single flavor thing.

If you make your flavor stash public we can see what you’ve got and help. This will only work if you have the flavors entered correctly.

I think that you would be better to make other tried and tested recipes that you like the sound of. Buy the ingredients that they require and start making your own once you have more experience with what to expect from flavors.

A couple of recipes come to mind, these are tried, tested and well loved by many.

It is not easy to make good recipes, but you will get better with experience.