Flavor Tasting in Water, possible?

the flavor concentrates we use are all supposed to be safe to digest and can be used to make drinking juices or flavor water, right? is it possible to taste test a flavor by adding a certain % to drinking water to decide if it’s the right one for a recipe? anyone doing this or a similar version of it?

can you do it with a mix of few flavors? i do the drop on the back of the hand, but was thinking if it’s simpler to just mix, say, some mango, pineapple and a certain cream to some drinking water and use that as a test ground to adjust ratios etc before making a vaping mix - is this going too far? or is this an OK thing to try?


Yes, they’re food flavorings, so you’d be fine testing combos in water. There’s a thread talking about doing just that somewhere on here. It might not give you actual percentages to use, but it can give you an idea of ratios of flavors that you would like in a mix. For instance, say you start with one drop of each of two different flavors and flavor A isn’t coming through over flavor B. If you add another drop of flavor A and then you like it, you’ll know that your starting point should be somewhere around a 2:1 ratio. Hope that helps!


i searched - like a good citizen should do :slight_smile: - before posting the question - came back empty, i was sure it’s not a new idea and those ahead of me must have explored that already

thanks for the help here. appreciate the tip on the combo ratios … any tip on how much water (ml?) i can use with these drops - to stay within reason? like for example 10ml water as base? or is it all trial & error?

I’ve done it before in a little shot glass. Just enough to swirl around on the tongue. :slight_smile:

Here’s a nice little detailed description of @Mofogger 's method!
Quick Flavor Tasting Methods


You beat me to it! :wink:
I just drop it on my tongue or mix a drop of each flavour together and taste it

@VapeyMama, thank you again

@ozo, that’s exactly what i was thinking to try. you gave me a jump start with that well-explained vid. much appreciated. now i can adjust things better to my preference in an easy way before mixing.

really appreciate this help.


i’m studying that video :slight_smile: - never seen his channel before - and i do appreciate that it’s direct, no swear words (these get me so upset) and it gets the learning thru.

just wondering how complex can I go with this method? he did 3-flavor mix test, would this work for more complex tests - and the richer/creamy flavors - ohhh, i have so much to play with now - thanks @ozo again!


I tried his idea previously (saw the same great video that ozo kindly linked) but it just didn’t work for me. Just wasn’t a close enough approximation for my taste buds (especially since the VG skews the results by it’s sweetness, and to lesser extent, the Nicotine). But I can easily see it working well for some =)

Edit: should have added /methodology after taste buds. /laughs

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Well yea, lots of people test that way.

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Won’t be the first, or last time, that I’m the oddball in a bunch. :laughing:


Yep. Same percentage as recipes. Use like 5 ml of water and taste it.

I have tried just adding drops of the flavors i intend to use in a clean beaker, then sample the smell to see if its going in the right direction. I know some folks that like to add a drop into a teaspoon of cool whip to sample it.
Propylene Glycol is GAAS (generally accepted as safe) for consumption by the FDC and is used in many food products.


Tasting flavours is great for baselines of:

Finding the dominant flavour
Finding out how 2+ flavours combined taste (do they create a new flavour etc)
Finding flavours that work as sweeteners
Finding flavours that enhance other flavours

As mentioned though that can all change when mixed with PG VG Nic but as a baseline / direction I feel it works great