Flavor to POD juice ratio

Finally I was able to convince a smoking friend to try the vaper. So I want to produce to give a juice to the refill of JUUL.
As I only make juice for my MTL and RDA´s I believe that the percentages / proportions of the POD are much higher.
I ask for help in knowing whether to increase the percentages by 80% or more.


Hi @brasilVAP,
I don’t know about mixing for pods but there are lots of posts on the topic.

You could try searching “Nic pod %”
I found some posts with that search & discussions talk about flavours too.

There seems to be a lot of differing opinions.
Hopefully others with experience will reply later, it’s a bit quiet here atm :grinning:


Also, try searching “Pod” over on the recipe side & you will get pod recipes. You could compare them to what you already make.


I don’t know Juul, but if I had one and wanted to try it, I’d just make a one shot of my favorite juice and mix it up in 10ml of base liquid (no worries about nic here yet).
I’d start by mixing the recipe at exactly the same % as I would for my RTA’s. Try a little and see how it tastes. Not strong enough, use your own judgement and increase the % a bit and try again. Pretty much like how you would test single flavors…
Some pod systems are better with creams or other specific flavors than others, you’re going to have to find your way with it by testing. Let your friend test too as he’s ultimately the one vaping it and he may perceive it differently than you do.
POD systems don’t always require more flavor, it greatly depends on the concentrates you use. Start low and build up as needed. I would definitely not add 80% extra flavor and use that as a starting point. Start from a flavorful juice that you know and work from there.

Once you find the sweet spot, you can add nic and mix bigger quantities. You probably want to use high strength nic but I wouldn’t want to go up to Juul’s levels. Start out at 24mg and increase or decrease as needed.


Juul is a 40vg 60pg … @brasilVAP :+1:

most of the juul flavors are solo with a cream the cream is not noticeable.
I only work with 1 company, but if you have one company you can use, try a mango and what size you do for fruit… 1% then the cream should be used in half amount .4% -.6% for smoothness…

Same with mint… try a combo of peppermint spearmint… then add your cream…

Sugars in Juul… most are not noticeable so keep the sugars a touch low…

Hope this helps!


Following the search guidelines and found this topic above that answers my questions.
I appreciate the answers ELR is top! :blush:


Glad you found some good info @brasilVAP :smiley: