Flavor USA Shipping Charges

I found this site that posts shipping charges.
Re: http://www.nerdylorrin.net/jerry/postages/
USPS does not show 'Small Packages / Parcels / Lumpy envelopes 1st class" rates in any web site I could find. I could not even phone and ask–robots stating 20min. to 1 hour wait on hold.

Just received an order weighing 8 ounces. I believe the cost is based on type of package + weight only.

It is believed that this may or not be the case, that some businesses are eligible to receive lower costs depending on how much volume parcels they average per year.

Does anyone know what the shipping charges should be or how they can differ for lumpy envelopes going first class and weigh a certain amount like 8 ounces?

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The other day the clerk at the PO told me I couldn’t ship an envelope as 1st class bc it wasn’t flat so you are correct no lumpy envelopes can be 1st class.

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From what little I could find out, lumpy envelops under a certain weight have a set cost. These lumpy envelopes may be first class. I’m just guessing because I do not know for sure.

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I’m guessing w/ ya too, mine was small and could of weighed much less I seen the weight and saw 1st class come up around a dollar but ended up paying 3$ bc it was lumpy I asked the clerk and he said it wasn’t flat so it couldn’t be 1st class.

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First Class USPS doesn’t go over 8 oz if it was 8.5 oz it wouldn’t go

Do you/anyone have any USPS web site that defines commercial/business rates for our small bulky packages/envelopes? I find so much conflicting and confusing information that its becoming a little frustrating.
Just trying to determine the cost of shipping. I find that when I ask a vendor how the shipping cost is determined, I get something like:
“All of our prices are generated by our USPS integration and we do not set the prices ourselves. It is all calculated by the USPS integration system going off of the weight of the individual items, Packaging and the distance traveled from [state].”