Flavor West Conclusion?

After doing some research…I’ve come to the conclusion that FW (and maybe many other flavor companies) are using LorAnn oils, cutting them down with PG and reselling them as their own. Any other thoughts on this?


What exactly leads you to believe this. I am interested in hearing what makes you believe this…

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me too…i wanna know how you came to this…

After spending so much money with FW…I was looking for an alternative. I was checking out LorAnn’s site and began to see the same flavorings in concentrate that are offered with FW and other flavoring companies. As I use LA flavorings I thought I’d see what they run in cost. Checking their site…I can get a 4oz. bottle of (super concentrate) for the same cost of an 8oz. from FW. Now… if I’m buying an 8oz. bottle from FW (or any other company), for say $12-21…where are they getting their flavors from? They have to be doing what I mentioned…just buying from LA, cutting them down, and reselling them. I can take a 4oz. LA flavor and make 4-8oz. bottles out of it by cutting it with PG.

What do you guys think?

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I think that a taste test is required to confirm.

Well…for me, the cat’s out of the bag…looking to save coin…I’m going this route from now on! Just sayin’…

My thoughts exactly. You can not assume because a name is similiar or even the same that they are the same favor. I would have to assume that Lorann Banana Cream is the same as TFAs Banana Cream. You have got to taste them side by side to make this determination. I seriously doubt that FW uses Lorann Flavors or any other company uses them either…

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Doesn’t TFA just use FW though? From what I’ve read, that seems to be the case.

It sounds as though your making assumptions based merely on price and product name… I have several different strawberry flavors from several manufacturers, none of them have the same flavor profile, but they’re names are either the same or similar.

I get that…but are these companies actually making their own flavorings from scratch? And if so,…where are they getting their base from?

I would suggest you watch Pbusardo’s video on youtube about his visit to FlavourArt. It is very informative on how these flavoring companies actually produce flavors on the molecular level… I suspect most large flavoring companies use a similar method.


No, they do not. Why not do this. Choose just one flavor, say strawberry. Buy a Lorann, a FW, and a TFA. Blend up the same single flavor recipe for each. Bet you none taste the same…


Interesting view…thanks

Maybe I am making an assumption…I didn’t mean to imply that “all” flavoring companies are doing this…thanks for the feedback everyone.

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You should probably like to read this! http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/flavorsworkshop/

She talks all about the different levels of distribution from raw material manufacturer to distributor.

Very interesting stuff.


thx @andygev35 I hadn’t seen those yet, thanks for pointing those videos out, I’ll look at them over the next couple of days.

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From what I thought I knew then…to what I know now…I was completely wrong!! LOL


Hey, at least you came back and admit it. And, in theory, you werent really wrong. There’s places that do rebottling that we know about now. So, good foresight.


I agree with @netweight. Not everyone will come back and drop a mea culpa. Well played. :+1:


Someone pointed it out to me last night, and I was like…what? Came back to see what I had posted…and started laughing.