Flavor West Need Suggestions

Looking to place an order! Anybody have any experience with them?
If so can you please list some flavors with youre rating from 1-10.
Thank you!

This is a list a few of us put together of flavors that we think are tops from each vendor. Either we use them regularly, wouldn’t want to be without them, or just think they’re really good. Be aware that some FW flavors have been found to contain sugars.

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Thank you JOJO!

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@JoJo hits it on the spot once again.

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I only have a few from FW. Their blueberry is very, very sweet, almost blue-slushy sweet but I kinda like it. I’d say 6/10, I know there’s better out there.

Their marshmallow is pretty good, great as a sweetener, their butterscotch is good too. Need to try it out a bit more. And their vanilla bean ice cream seems just as good as the others I’ve tried [TPA/Cap]

I also have their Maple Pecan, but only used once, and that mix will be steeping a while.

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WOW Thank you! really helped me out ordering those

Has anybody tried their
Strawberry shortcake, whipped cream, graham cracker, or honey?

Flavor West Peach is one of my favorites, I use it with TPA peach juicy at a 2 to 1 mix.

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