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Flavor West Tasting Notes


For a easier read on ELR,

Courtesy of Botboy141 and others

Flavor West (FW)
Banana - Best Banana I’ve found yet, but not very strong. Tastes like real bananas, not banana candy.
Black Licorice - A bright/sweet sort of black licorice with a bit of a “tang” maybe a touch minty? Very good mixed @ 15%
Cinnamon - Not pure cinnamon. Sort of a sugar cinnamon mix; good for sweet pastry mixes. This one will crack polycarbonate tanks.
French Vanilla - Okay on its own, but not a standout (and I LOVE vanillas). Not good enough to make again. Will save this for any recipes I come across that call for it.
Irish Cream - Mild and smooth. NOT a Bailey’s clone. Fairly weak. I brew @ 20%. Haven’t mixed yet, but you can tell it would work well as a base if you’re careful not to overpower.Mango - Good solid flavour 15%
Orange - Best orange I’ve found so far. Not as bold as I’d like @ 15% but tastes like biting into a fresh orange. Very good. Better than FA & FFP.
Root Beer Float - Best root beer flavour I’ve tried yet. Beats TPA and LOR hands down. Only maybe a slight hint of the “float” part. Just a nice light root beer vape mixed @ 15%
Butterscotch - This is the most convincing butterscotch I have tried yet, tastes just like butterscotch candy to me. No weird after taste like TFA’s version. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Cinnamon Roll - One of the best cinnamon rolls Ive found to date. It’s buttery and has that bakery taste that a lot of the other vendors seem to leave out. Perfect for any dessert blend that lacks density. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Cucumber Mint - I HATE mint flavors I refuse to make them or vape them, but this flavor has me questioning my hatred for mint. The cucumber is crisp and refreshing on the inhale, the mint is sweet and light on the exhale. This flavor really surprised me, Its good by itself at 14-16%, but my favorite blend has been cucumber mint and a little bit of watermelon. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Hawaiian Punch - There are a few FW flavors that just blow other vendors versions out
of the water, and then there are a lot of FW that have a horrible alcohol taste to it. This flavor is one of the most perfume-y flavors I’ve ever tried, it has a horrible chemical taste to it at 10%. This isn’t like any Hawaiian punch I have tried. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Hazelnut - This is my favorite hazelnuts so far, although it does not taste like straight up hazelnuts. more like a hazelnut cream. Its good by itself at 12% but it really shines when you blend it with other flavors. -
Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Jungle Juice - Once again, not a menthol fan, but this ones popular with all of my friends. I taste watermelon and grape with a minty exhale, its good by itself at 15% - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Jolly Rancher - this tastes just like a jolly rancher candy, add any fruit you want for a good candy flavor. I use it at 8-10% combined with fruit flavors like watermelon or grape. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Mt. Dew - This flavor sucks, tastes like flat, watered down mountain dew syrup more than anything. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Pina Colada - This is good by itself at 15%, its really sweet on its own so no sweetener is needed - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Skittles - A lot of people seem to like this flavor. To me, It tastes like eating skittles after they’ve been soaked in rubbing alcohol. When I first started vaping this was one of the first flavors I got hooked on.
But my palette has become a lot more refined since then, even steeping doesn’t seem to get that alcohol taste out of this flavor. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
White Chocolate - I like this better than TFA’s version, its really sweet and kind of creamy. I am not particularly a fan of chocolate vapes but this white chocolate can be paired with everything form fruits to desserts and coffees to add sweetness. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Butter Rum - In the bottle it smells identical to the butter rum lifesavers they release during the holidays. Its sweet and buttery with slight rum notes. From my experience a lot of FW flavors can be on the light side so I tried it at 15% first. It is really weak, the taste is good, its just very faint. Even at 20% this flavor is still really light, I tried adding vanillin and a bit of butterscotch and that definitely helped but the butter rum flavor just wasnt as prominent as I was hoping it to be. In the end i made a pretty good butter rum coffee cake, its just too light of a flavor to be used on its own. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Cookie Butter - Im not sure what to think about this flavor, it smells like molasses and brown sugar out of the bottle. Almost like a gingerbread cookie without the ginger. I mixed a test batch up at 10% and tried it on my dripper. Its extremely dry tasting, I didn’t like it on its own at all. I tried it again with a little bit of vanilla custard, and it still had this strange dry taste, almost like I ate a spoonful of raw cinnamon. Really strange flavor, I never attempted anything else with it, although I plan to use it as a crust for cheesecake or something of that sort. I think it has potential I just haven’t figured this one out yet! - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Butter Cream - This smells like butter and crayons out of the bottle, its not a horrible smell but its not appetizing. I ended up making a pretty decent butter cream pie, this flavor needs to steep for a few days to get the waxy taste out in my opinion. All in all not a bad flavor, can be used to make desserts tastes buttery. - Courtesy of /u/VapeQueen214
Rice Krispies - nice authentic taste of the plain ceral. Adds a crunchy aspect which is interesting. Use around 10%. Add some sugar or marshmallow for a sweet treat. Courtesy of /u/danykitten.
Margarita - tart and tangy. To me it’s a mixing flavor that would really help a fruit flavor pop. A bit of a cool feel to which adds a refreshing aspect. Works great with lime and strawberry. Start at 7-10%. Courtesy
of /u/danykitten.
Ginger Ale - got more ginger out of this than soda but the taste is there. Would be great for a Shirley temple or an accent of ginger with a refreshing feel. Courtesy of /u/danykitten.
Salt Water Taffy - to me this was a bust. 20% by itself was ok but I couldn’t find anything that mixed well with it. Kind of plastic and artifical imo. Courtesy of /u/danykitten.


I would like to chime in on butterscotch. I quit smoking a month ago and anything with acitone, actoin, etc… Smells like an industrial cleaner to me. However FW butterscotch, even with its “bad” chemicals smells good to me.

Now if I could only make a nice Vape out of it…


Try something like this…

6% Butterscotch (FW)
10% Caramel Candy (FW)
4% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW)

Adjust to taste of course

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately Caramel Candy (FW) is maybe the worst offender of them all. Total floor cleaner to me. 28 Days Vape “Dreamer” has no chemical taste at all. I also think this is a vanilla butterscotch which I’m not looking for.

Have you tried this or is it just a suggestion?

Then sub with TFA Caramel original

has anyone tried this one ?

I ran across this thread with Flavor West notes and recommendations.



Trying to keep up with your valiant research efforts!!

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Got some of the new flavors from Flavor West flavors, just wondering who else has gotten their hands on them. Got the following:

Waffle Cone- This is one of the VERY strong flavors from their new line, pretty much had to re-wick my RDA because this stuff stays around like crazy. It has a good flavor profile, it almost tastes like waffles minus the syrup, it is a very good flavor, but let me emphasize; very strong for a FW flavor. I used this at 2% and it was very present as a single flavor, even after dripping multiple other flavors later.

Sprinkles- Very pleasantly surprised with this. I wasn’t expecting much as sprinkles themselves do not have much flavor but this was very good at 3%, it has a nice, sugary feel and adds almost a waxy taste? Still need to work with it a bit more, but I am liking it so far. Could easily help with a more complex recipe, whether it is in an ice cream or on a cookie.

Star Candy- This is supposed to be a starburst like flavor, unsure if it is a base or a flavored starburst; it definitely has a citrusy feel to it. Using it at 3.5%, I feel it could be a bit stronger, but turning it up can easily remedy that. Kind of hard to pin down how this flavor is on its own, will try throwing it in an actual mix to see how it turns out.

Malt- This is a very pungent flavor smelling it from the bottle, I used it at 0.5% in a milkshake recipe to turn it into a malt and it did not taste nearly as strong as it smelled. Smelling it closely, it smells suuuuper strong but mixing it doesn’t have that quality, fortunately. This is going to be upped to 1% in my next mix, the smell at a distance is very malty but up close, it almost turned into a liquor type malt. After I try it at 1%, I will have to report back. So far, I like it better than TFA Malted Milk but still have yet to try NF Malt, which is apparently the best.

I also have White Cake, S’mores, and Butterbeer but have yet to mix with them. White cake is supposedly better than Birthday Cake and I feel you could add Sprinkles to White Cake to create a birthday cake, so I didn’t buy the Birthday Cake. Butterbeeer smells very very good and I think it will work well. Smells mostly of butterscotch with a slight (Very slight) hint of rootbeer and maybe a cookie aspect? Mixing with it will let me know for sure.

Hoping someone else who has these could kick in some information.


I have been looking for feedback on the new flavors as well. Thank you for the notes!!!


Okay so I re-wicked my RDA because it still tasted of Waffle Cone (LOL) and put the SF Star Candy 3.5% on. I am not sure how I feel about this… I’m about to make a Pink Starburst hopefully using it as an additive, but I am not sure about it. Citrusy? Yes. Sweet? Sort of. But it has this off, sour, creamy taste to it. Not sure what to think of it. Definitely doesn’t need to be turned down, but I am kind of afraid to turn it up? Will have to work with it more before I throw it in an actual starburst mix.


I second the waffle cone. I just foolishly put out a recipe with it in there at 2.5% while it was good I do feel the waffle took over the cream end paired with it. I ended up putting in fa condensed milk at .1% to help push the cream past the waffle which seems like it might help but definitely strong and not in a crunchy waffle cone kind of way. More in a soft maple syrup covered waffle kind of way. It’s not a bad flavor but definitely needs help to become a cone type of flavor.

I did just pick up mystery by them and am really enjoying it. The 4oz will go quickly. Its light on the taffy more like a slushy like they have pictured. Kind of reminds me of boom but better in every way… comes very close to the airhead mystery flavor. Hopefully it doesn’t fade as quick as boom, but it has paired great with just about everything I’ve thrown at it. If you are looking to clone air factories mystery this would definitely be something I would add to your collection. Has a sharpness to it that mellows out after a couple days, but it is definitely a home run.