Flavor Wishlist?

We are always looking for that something extra even although the choice of flavours at our disposal is almost overwhelming especially given that many of them are of excellent quality!
Maybe my wish isn’t so much a flavour,per se, but an additive.
Something that will increase saliva?
We get it to some extent with INW Cactus and FA Fuji but I would like an additive that is flavour free but would increase mouth moistness when added to our juices!
Now that for me would be a deal breaker when added to most juices!
The question is what flavour, or additive, would you like to see?

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Easy…Rooibos Tea. Or any really great tea flavors. I wish I could start a flavor company that just did tea flavors. Like a Teavana for flavors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second, something that would add a salty taste without gunking coils like saline (is said to).


Good shout regarding the salt!
Salt makes a lot of flavours shine in the culinary world and would also in the vaping world I would suspect?
Just think?
Proper salted caramel? Hhhmmmmm!
I wonder how easy it would be to extract flavour from tea?
I have heard people do the same with coffee?
Also tobacco extraction is getting pretty common so I can’t think of any reason this cannot be achieved?
Trouble is I have no idea of where to start? LOL

I’ve tried once but it was really weak. I may try again at some point. I just did tea leaves in PG and let it sit for a couple days. Then strained it and filtered it a few times with my aeropress.

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@JoJo Add some PGA (not vodka)

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I would add a constant heat to that method as this would help draw out the flavour from the leaves.
Not sure what temperature though?