Flavorah bottle help?

Searched a bit for this but still wondering…got one of the frosted Flavorah bottles. Couldn’t figure out how get it to drip…in the process of removing the tip I spilled white chocolate concentrate leaving my kitchen smelling. Any suggestions on how to use the bottle? You can’t squeeze the bottle. Tried squeezing the plastic tip without any luck.


I dislike the FLV new bottles and transfer them to different bottles. Apologies but I haven’t any ideas how to make the bottle work for you. There is a thread discussion about these bottles that should help. Can’t remember the name of the thread, maybe @SessionDrummer can help out.


some of the tips are still sealed chexk that first …then use the tip like a pipette


This. When I ordered a few, some of the tips were sealed, and some were not. You probably have sealed ones. In that case, just cut the tip with a scissor, and then turn the bottle upside down to fill the plastic dropper, and then squeeze the tip to dispense drops.

JUST BE CAREFUL AFTER YOU SNIP THE TIP!!! After it’s been cut, you can’t shake the bottle, or you will get it everywhere. It happened to me with coconut so what I do now is take the cap off, pinch the tip, shake, THEN dispense LOL


If it won’t drip immediately, check to make sure it hasn’t been cut. If it needs to be cut, cut as close to the end of the tip possible. then you can squeeze the tippet, very gentle. The tip normally will tip out 2-3 drops before you even have to squeeze it, I sort of rock mine for more drips. If you need to use a syringe, you can, but since the new bottles have come out, I have yet to use a syringe on them, as I do not mix up more than 4oz at a time.

The tips are excellent for those of us mixing by weight. Hate to hear you had a issue with yours.
You might want to contact @Flavorah direct, and let them know what happened.


@scifoc if you are squeezing the bulb part and nothing is coming out, then you will have to snip the top off. Not much, just the very tip, then you can invert the bottle, and squeeze the builb part and it will release the drops;


Yeah…those new bottles are bad and leak everywhere. Pull the dropper out and pour into another bottle with dropper top, label it and toss the original bottle in the trash. Great idea but doesn’t work well