Flavorah has yogurt!

It really sucks because I had to go to wholesale to get the large bottles. It’s still all good cause I got what I wanted.

I am :scream: right there with ya buddy ! If you can’t use the coupon at least get some relief of shipping charge or a few flavor freebies. Good luck to ya .

I sent a message with my order asking for some type of relief. He sent this custom Sig 150w with my order and a 15ml bottle of their new Cranberry flavor. I’m vape forwarding this mod to @Alisa .

I have another mod for you @Amy2 that I want vape forward… let me know if you’re interested?


So excited! It’s beautiful. :smile:


Super sweet of you ! Yay @Alisa nice gift :smile:

And yay Flavorah they went above and beyond for compensation for your loyalty !


Wow that’s a crazy nice box! That red is gorgeous, nice grab and nice gift! Enjoy that one! Love my Sigelei 150 its at my side daily

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