Flavorah has yogurt!

we spoke, they listened!!!
i sent Flavorah an email, and they responded!!!
they have added greek yogurt and lemonade to their inventory for sale!!

EDIT: and they have stated that they are moving on to a fresh batch of new flavors!


I’m ordering a big one.


remember FLV4ever code for 10% off

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i just looked for a big one, i didnt see one…did i miss something?
lemme know if you find a big one

After I just made my first order too… I’ve gotta stay off this site keeps making me want to shop again haha… The lemonade would be a fun one too

10%? Our resources page lists ELRECIPES - that will give you 20% off :wink:

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They don’t take the ELR discount on large bottles.

Hmmm ok, I was not aware of that…

Good to know! I completely forgot that the yogurt we had received was a sample, so that makes sense. I don’t care for the lemonade personally but glad the yogurt is still available!!

Excited about the new flavors! The ginger snap is good!

I had $110 in flavors (4 x 120ml and 1 x 15 ml) and it only discounted the one 15ml bottle in my cart…

so no yogurt in big bottles, right?

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I don’t see the big ones either.


But only 15ml bottles available of the Yogurt?

Strange. I’ll ask Brendan about that.

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please do…if you think it will do any good, i will send him one as well…we have corresponded in the past several times, so i have his address as well…
lemme know what you think

It’s ok, he’ll answer me sooner or later :smile:

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Yogurt is now available for wholesale orders.
No discounts available for wholesale orders.

MUAH Thank you !!! I was seriously thinking about how I could get more of their yogurt before it disappeared.
Whew now i can relax and I will order a large bottle !

I placed my order with a note to Brenden… If you order wholesale from FLV, let them know how you feel about the shipping rates and not being able to use our ELR discount.


ELRECIPES is only valid for normal accounts, not for wholesale accounts. Makes sense I suppose, but still somewhat of a bummer :confused: