Flavorah Milk Chocolate

Here to offer some insight as well as ask about this flavor. FLV Milk Chocolate is super good smelling, right out of the bottle. As we all know, Flavorah specifically tailors their flavors to people who use them to make e-liquid. On their website, they say this flavor is the answer for anyone struggling with chocolate flavors.

FA Chocolate, FA Cocoa, and a few others have just ended up tasting burnt (Keep in mind, I drip and use higher power). So I grabbed this in hopes that it would be a helpful solution on my journey.

I tried it in a cheesecake recipe for chocolate cheesecake and HOLY MOLY at only 1%, it was way too much chocolate. I have since made the same recipe with it at a measly 0.12% in hopes that it wouldn’t take over. Still steeping.

I just wanted to get other peoples insight on this flavor as I have maybe seen it mentioned in the threads, once? There is little to no information in the database about it.

Anyone else using this?

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I use it around 0.15- 0.5%. If I use it over 0.50% it’s way too much. Try adding a drop or 2 of jamaican rum fa to it along with some cream and or butter. I feel like it helps the chocolate flavor taste more like chocolate.

A few other good chocolate flavors to look at are australian chocolate hangsen, real flavors chocolate, capella chocolate fudge brownie, and real flavors brownie.


After using this for a while now, I have come to figure it out a bit more. While it does not burn at high temps and is smoother than other chocolates, it does impart the very common ‘tootsie roll’ type chocolate taste. Not bad, just not as general of a milk chocolate as I thought it would turn out to be. Very powerful stuff, I was using it at 0.25% and it was still one of the lead flavors in the mix.


@Pentine JUST got done doing a tester, and I think you’re right. Even @ 1% it’s TOO strong. I will re-mix lower and re-test.