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Flavorah new bottles (and flavors)


So u can say they when the Flavour art way, but then on steroids.



i havent tried many flaves of theirs yet , but the ones i have seem to be on point , i think the only ones that were let downs was their crunch cereal and their trix type one



im not sure if i like teas as a vape and from what ive read it may not be a hole id like to fall into lol



I like how those look! They seem like they will be much better than the older ones.



Eisai Tea is just lovely, I am still doing notes on it, but it’s like when you used to take the green end of off Honeysuckle to get the nectar out. I get more White Tea with Honeysuckle from it (than an earthy Green Tea), but it is a favorite. Man, that one is a strong winner, I love it.



FA Black Tea was usually the go to black tea before but will Flavorah take the spot from them now perhaps? :open_mouth:
TPA Chai Tea and OOO Thai Chai are both good chai teas in my opinion.
The Flavorah Green Tea is interesting because all the other brands’ green tea suck. :slightly_smiling_face:



Prices will stay the same… and I have not had time to play with the new flavors yet… but tonight…
I still expect some to use these at 2-13%… but that is where I get my giggles… Keep FLV low and you will get all the notes of the flavors… I hate missing notes… makes the juice just blah…



worst bottles ever made. id rather use a damn dollar store bottle than this crap. jesus what were they thinking



what storage box options do we have for this size bottle? they are too large for the nail polish containers I have found so far.



In my Dec.order the Avocado came in the new bottle, my other flavors came in the old style bottle. It appears that this new cap will over tighten and break the cap. See pic where the pen points to the crack in the cap. I think is from being over tightened, mine came this way, but tha crack in the cap spreads as you try to tighten.



A small tip that I hope will help… tell them in the notes if you want plastic or glass.
Pretty sure they will be happy one way the other. :slight_smile:

(If you buy direct)



Didn’t know that was a possibility! Thank you Smokey blue



I have had 2 leak on me. One was Alpine Strawberry and the other was Wild Melon. And yes, I made sure the dripper was set in all the way before using. I really like the feature to get precise droplets though.

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