Flavorah or Flavor West just released new flavors?

Guys/gals, I thought (can’t find it) someone said that either FLV or FW just released some new flavors ?? Working a few 14 hour days trying to catch up to @Cutlass92 and trying to catch up.


Pretty sure it was FW - creamy sponge cake and the like. I think @Silhouette knows :+1:


Click at new arrivals and you will see new flavs.


You probably already have caught up and passed me for hours this week!


So far, I have gotten of the new Flavors : Creamy Sponge Cake, Creamy Chocolate Cake, White Cake, Birthday Cake. Have not gotten Glazed Donut, Funnel Cake, Malt, Big Stick, and I believe there is a Cobbler type pie as well. They are on Bull City’s New Arrival page.


Yes thx to @Silhouette I did order creamy sponge cake, creamy chocolate cake, white cake , glazed donut (hope this is better than caps/tfas and zeppola) and waffle cone!


LOL don’t I feel stupid, hehe. Thanks guys. Longer working hours have crippled what’s left of my memory !!!


I don’t think I have you beat yet, but coming in in second place.

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i don’t know i only did 9 yesterday and 10.5 today! and if those goofs are still in town i bet they wont leave you alone!

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“They” cannot be trusted, that’s for sure…

How are they?! Lol im excited. First impressions?

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Has anyone ever seen the tfa bulk pack that has 296 flavors in 15ml bottles for $356. If so do you know if they are all safe to vape. I’m sure they aren’t but even if 50 of them are not safe to vape it would still be a good deal and you would have every tfa flavor there is.

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Ok, so far I am loving Creamy Sponge Cake (meant to be Twinkie flavor), it tastes like a moist Sugar Cookie to me, but the cakey flavor can be boosted so many ways. It tastes like a real Sugar Cookie, way beyond what Capella achieved, and has a sort of sugar dusted flavor about it as well, it is utterly delicious. Creamy Chocolate Cake, this was a nice surprise, I get a Dark Chocolate Cream/Mousse type flavor from this, no Tootsie roll or heavily artificial taste. It is really dark and smooth, and my new favorite chocolate next to INW MC. White Cake I have steeping, but it has this faint spice smell I can’t quite place, slightly weaker than FW Vanilla Cupcake, which I always thought represented a perfect White Cake type flavor. Not much Vanilla in White Cake either. Birthday Cake is a little weaker and more tame than Cake Batter Dip, but definitely the same flavor profile, with a cakey sweet and frosting finish, it goes perfectly with CAP Vanilla Cupcake to boost the cake body.


Very nice I have 5 of the new flavorings steeping for a single flavor test at 5./. rite now. Will let you all know my thoughts as well!


Any more results or notes on the new flavors yet?