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Flavorah order


Both of those are winners in my book!

I would also recommend:
Butterscotch (very good, and unique!)
Creme de Menthe (think mint chocolate chip)


speaking of butterscotch im about to retest these as we type lol


:thinking: very interesting!

You dirty #@%&'in…FINE. ADD another one to my list… :angry: :laughing: /seriously though:
I’ve much enjoyed GC v1, and GC clear. Might as well be thorough (since I love GC)…
Oh, and don’t think you’re off the hook either for starting this mess fidalgo… =P lol

Basis for current comparison?
(Not challenging, simply for point of reference!)
Any chance you can compare it Ina’s version? (if you weren’t already…)

@fidalgo_vapes (Sorry for “riding shotgun”, but I’m curious too, and with the expense of FLV… Better to get opinions as you go)


Also forgot
Rich cinnamon (duh) - required for any bakeries
Apple Filling is AWESOME!


[quote=“Sprkslfly, post:24, topic:189991”]
Apple Filling is AWESOME!

ill see how the country apple ( pur) and cap double apple work b4 i try this one , but i have been told its very good


np i hear you about cost , although its not my first concern im just tired of diving in and leading myself down the wrong road lol


This is one I’m still working with.
FAR better than the crap that is Liquid Amber FA (at least for the “cooked aspect” that you always see mentioned, at least IMO). But still a bit “off the mark” to my taste buds.

Cap double apple on the other hand was “ok”, but nothing to write home about. I prefer Two Apples Ina to it. But take anything on Apple from me with a grain of salt, as I’ve learned I’m very prejudiced towards wanting a Red Apple, and so far I’ve been medium to seriously let down with all others. I’ve just been getting into more testing with exclusively red apple flavors, so still holding out hope, but I’ve exhausted many of the others.


I’m a Peanut butter lover, have a list of the peanut butter recipes and thought I had for once and all nailed down the taste by multi mixing. Wrong. FLV PB as a standalone is near perfect.
I received the FLV PB as a gift or I would have never tried it. If this flavor works in mixing, I will happily pay the extra cost.


Amen BRO!!!


The only other mint i have is from FA. And from when I tasted a gummy mint juice. It was damn good.

That being said, fa is just not right and way too strong and not true to form…but has its place at 1-2 drops per 30ml.

But yes. Mixed with 27fish silverline, vanilla shisha and 0.025 grams fresh cream. You it’s a spearmint vanilla gummy after dinner vape. I just need to tested that mix and my hypnotic fa mint vapes before posting.

And yes. Graham cracker flv in @fidalgo_vapes strawberry milkshake recipie added a very nice gram note at the tail end of the exhale.


You are opening a can of worms on this one bro. If I wasn’t such a poor bastard, I would keep a few stocked. Since your not worried about cost… Then you have heard some of the better ones.

@Brotherbob can you post one of your peanut butter recipes?


Notice in the UK certain flavorah flavours are much more expensive than already being expensive now. I am not a big fan of them myself as so many flavours have been duds and nothing like what they were supposed to be for me.
Some of the popular ones are decent but over rated I think as well like cinnamon crunch and pound cake.
I did see DIYorDIE did a video recently of there 10 favourites…funny I must buy all the wrong ones as barely any i have purchased were amongst them haha. Peach Gummy, Lemonade, Apple filling and Mango are all good from ones I have tried.
Frosting is the one concentrate I have bought I use a lot and relegated Loranns Cream Cheese Icing, which I used to like, one must have from ones I have bought.
I would say it is a shame you dont like tobaccos as that is where flavorah does really stand out for me, the red burley especially is just a fantastic conecentrate.


omgoodness how dare you not like cinnamon crunch lol jk , all joking aside i am a huge fan of cinnamon crunch go figure right lol , i do appreciate your feedback that is why i started this thread i am so tired of grabbing 20 or so flaves only to use and like a few , hopefully this will get me close to ones i can use


I have those three, and haven’t done a lot of testing, but the frosting and pound cake are def. winners IMO. Lot’s of potential.


Sure, like i said, I have no recipes with FLV PB. This one is one of my (32ga. 2.8-3.2 ohm at 6.4 watts RDA - I tend not to post recipes because I vape at the extreme end of the norm and have terrible taste buds.)
This one’s, one of my first way back when is ok but may need FLV PB:
#18 Peanut Butter
TFA Peanut Butter 6.3%
TFA Double Chocolate 2.4% –-------------was: LA Chocolate - 2.4%
HS Toffee 1.3% –-------------was: LA English Toffee - 1.3%
TFA Marshmallow 2% ------------------------my adder
TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 0.5%
Rating: 7.0 (3/26)Toffee sweet no real Peanut Butter taste.


I was hoping for a link, so I could check out your recipe page. lol Do you mind?


My recipes are posted in another on line calculator from many years ago and never had a good reason/time to transfer them to ELR. I will check to see if I can make them public.


i have placed a small order just a couple minutes ago i ordered

pound cake , frosting , biscotti , persimmon , popcorn , wild melon , guanabana , cupcake batter , pink guava , sweet coconut

id like to thank everyone for your thoughts and next time i order ill check out some of the other things everyone advised as long as these arent like R@$#


Im really glad you placed an order! Enjoy!! Yay!


Not sure if anyone has suggested this, but I highly recommend testing every one of your Flavorah flavors at VERY low amounts, as I have found many of them to be a LOT stronger than expected, and the difference between .25% and 1% + can be significant.