Flavorah order

Ok this weekend i have decided to take a bigger leap into flavorah flaves and will be ordering direct i would like to know your thoughts and fave flaves _the ones i already have_ are listed below

cream , lime , boysenberry , cinnamon crunch , vanilla pudding , milk and honey ,

the ones im thinking of getting are

popcorn, frosting , biscotti , pound cake

id like to know if there are any stand out flaves im not a fan of tobacco or teas any help any thoughts id like to hear what you cant live without


I like root beer (the only one I need) and marshmallow is pretty good.

Milk and honey. Irreplaceable. Yes. Get it. I love it mixed with melons.

I want lime and forgot to get it on my last order. from my understanding is that it is more candy.

I personally like guabana when mixed with mango flv (my go to mango).

Personally I would skip vanilla pudding and blueberry muffin, kiwi, and the rest I can’t remember.

And yes. My post is just a jumbled mess of one lines since I’m on a vape break from mixing. Time to add nic.


My go to banana. I use it between .50-1.00.
Frosting works pretty good as a sweetener. I use it similar to marshmallow. Wild melon is great to start a melon based recipe.


the first list is ones i have already which include the milk and honey and vanilla pudding etc , but i will look at the others you listed , i may have to try the mango i have not found a mango worth using or replacing lol

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i have a lot of marshmallows is the FLV better than others or used different than most

I second that, I’m not a fan of fruit but this is one of the exceptions.
You should check out @Dan_the_Man’s Untamed Melons :yum:


Lol. Seems like I couldn’t read. Smh at myself.

Marshmallow flv. I call it the dirty version of fa. There is a bit of a cooked effect. Not toasted, but heated up.

Cream. Sadly I don’t taste cream from anything…fa, ooo, etc. but yes, I have it to mix up others recipies.

Graham cracker flv. I have been liking this one over cap v2, clear tpa, and fw.

Cookie dough flv. I do like this one and is needed for obsidian which is a good diy or die mix that I like.

Tangerine flv. A great replacement for cap

Spearmint is more true to the gum flavoring

Pink guava is very strong and tastes more like grapefruit.

Frosting. Yeah, it’s pretty good along with pound cake and is neeeded to make some of provapes and ken’s recipies. And sthrnmixer.


i love caps but it is harsh is the flv harsh as well

ive been wanting a grapefruit and was thinking FA but i also like cap sweet guava so maybe ill grab this for the GF effect ty

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@Pro_Vapes has been urging me to grab this one so its going in the cart for sure lol

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If you like baked cinnamon flavored juices, you can’t go wrong with Rich Cinnamon(FLV). In my opinion, it’s the bee’s nuts compared to anything else out there. WORD OF CAUTION: Use it V.E.R.Y. sparingly or make a dilution of it to mix with as it is extremely concentrated. About the maximum I use in a mix 0.3%, and that’s when I wanna blast my tonsils outta the back of my throat.


Not as harsh. But all citrusy fruits have that note for me. But try a few drops of peach.

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My favs you already have. I’m not big on fruit mixes normally. They are not an ADV for me, but I do think these are very good and highly recommend you trying:
Wild Melon
Cream (but only if you want a non-sweet, heavy cream, to mix with)
Rich Cinnamon (if you EVER want a bakery cinnamon flavor for anything)
Oh, and I second the Pound Cake, as it’s very rich and spot on for flavor.

I’m still experimenting with several of the FLV flavorings, so I can’t recommend others to you at this time.


thank you and of course i always have cream since its in the loopy cereal v2 :slight_smile:

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great point btw one of my fave mixes that use the sweet tangerine also has FA papaya in it so imagine the harshness lol but the taste is good

simple i believe i have a v2 that i cut the percentages of the fruit but the taste wasnt the same :frowning:


I know you like your fruits -

Persimmon FLV is one of my favorites
Sweet Coconut FLV is a great flavour as a coconut or to make your creams creamier.
Chocolate Deutsch FLV if you love a heavy chocolate mud cake with a hint of coconut
Vanilla Custard is also very good (has the required triangles) is great paired with vc1

Cherry Filling FLV is a very good cherry (great paired with inw cherries) it is basically bing cherry without the nasty stuff.

I have a few more on the list some have already been mentioned


Oh yeeeeeah! How did I forget that one!!?


oh ty and this cherry filling may be what i need to complete my Spumoni recipe

had to look up persimmon that sounds rright up my alley


I can second the Mango and Wild Melon, both are excellent flavours.

I can also recommend the Elderflower if you like that kind of flavour, it is a very realistic flavour almost impossible to tell from the real thing. However be aware that it is very strong and should never be used in higher concentrations than 1/4%, and even that is most likely too strong for many.

I also quite like the Biscotti, though it does have a vary dark burned taste, that might not be for everybody.

And for god sake … whatever else you do … stay away from the Rhubarb :face_vomiting:


oh no thats sucks i was actuall hoping to hear something good , ill take your word though

Well if you like RAW rhubarb (but what sane person does?) it might be right up your ally :wink: