Flavorah Pistachio

I mixed this up at 4% 3 days ago. I’m trying it now in my cleito tank with an rta at 0.5 ohms. This is really good. Quite nutty with a little hint of amoretto. Its also a very mouthful type flavor and would probably be a good addition to creams. I could see it being used with creams to enhance a flavor or to make a pistachio ice cream. As a single flavor I’m pretty happy with 4% but I’m thinking that if I were to lower to 3% it would probably take away the amoretto like flavor that I’m getting. When I mix it in an ice cream base I will first try it at 1-1.5% and see what happens! I’m really excited to try Flavorah’s new flavors! Ohhh I bet this would be good with they’re new Mango flavor!


OK I gotta ask, are you old enough to remember Watergate Salad?
It’s a dessert type thing with pistachio pudding, pudding, pineapple and coolwhip. I’ve been toying with a recipe for it since I started DIYing and it never seems right. If you remember the stuff do you think it has the right flavor to work in that?

Man that sounds delicious! Yes I think this would be a great addition for you in attempting a recipe like that! There is a little country store close to me that sells that and I love going in and buying a little tub! It reminds me of my great grand parents who have both passed :frowning:

So anyway I have a bunch of whipped cream flavors but none of them to me remind me of that real cool whip taste. I guess I would play around with vanilla whipped cap, whipped cream tfa, and whipped cream fa. As far as the pineapple in it I would probably use sweet pineapple cap. I really like that pineapple flavor because it reminds me of the canned pineapple bc it’s sweet. I think that either this pistachio or fa pistachio will give you the flavor. Dang I could totally eat a big bowl of that right now! I think maybe a small amount of flavorah vanilla custard would be a good addition to this as well because to me it reminds me of vanilla pudding kind of like snak paks. I’ve learned to take what I taste out of flavors rather than what companies call them. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. Provapes has an excellent recipe for a strawberry shortcake bar. I would take that recipe and use the creams and build off of that and add pistachio and pineapple as a starting point. I really like that cream taste I get off of his shortcake bar.

This is as close as I’ve gotten, The combo of Cap sweet cream and Fa Fresh Cream with the whipped and ice cream seem to be the closest

CAP Golden Pineapple 4
TFA Marshmallow 5
TFA Plain Cheesecake 2
TFA Sweet Cream 3
FA Fresh Cream 2
TFA Whipped Cream 3
TFA Pistacchio 1
TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato 2
The TFA pistachio always seemed dry and kinda offed it a little maybe the Flavorah will kick it into submissioin

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For a big pot luck one time I added half a pound of chopped pistacchios, and believe it or not a carton of cottage cheese, my mom used to put the cottage cheese in it There were fifty or sixty people there and it was gone before the smoked tri tip. I ended up setting the recipe up on a half page and printing 30 pages to make sure everybody that wanted one got one.

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Yeah definitely! I’ll mix this up tomorrow morning with the flv pistachio and let you know. Thanks so much for sharing and I’ll definitely keep you informed. I’ll probably sub out the tfa cheesecake for cap cheesecake.

I’ve had it with cottage cheese and also mandarin oranges added to it as well! Good stuff!

add some coconut

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heh @juice_junkie_lover you probably need to add some of this
I got crab jokes!

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I just mixed this up and I’m going to let it steep for about a week. I added 2 drops of super sweet. I changed the cheesecake to CAP and also added 1% meringue FA and 0.5% coconut FA. So far its pretty good! I’m really wanting to add some butterscotch FA 1% and caramel FA 2% to it (I’ve been adding that combo to almost everything here lately). I’ll let it sit and revisit it.

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