Flavorah (still king) vs The Rest

If you want to swear by one brand only, FLV is a good option (certainly price/quality value), but like what others have mentioned, there is no single one “best” flavor brand. Every brand has their good and bad flavors.
If I had to pick 1 brand out of all of them, I’d be very sad. To me it matters more that a flavor tastes good instead of the price/finished e-liquid volume. In the end, most of our liquids are way cheaper than commercial e-juice, no matter which brand of flavor you use.


I know it isn’t the amount of juice I can create… its not that flavorah breaks down to around the lowest costs, if you count how much it takes to create juice… it comes out pretty cheap… but it is the fact I dont have to wait for a month or longer to vape a custard that I really love… I dont use over 6-7% total flavor at the most! I use way less flavor… surely that has to account for something.

I think that what is perceived as good is in the roll of the tongue… nothing else… I am just one of the lucky ones, I have a solid brand that even after all this time, I have yet to get tire of what I mix and vape… to me… that is just awesome all by itself.

Not everyone will enjoy hunting 8 different companies for one flavor to say omg this is the best one out of 8… not many will keep that up for entire lines from manufactures… Before I switched to one manufacture… I too had collections from around the world. My shipping cost per month was huge! It certainly was an inconvenience to find one company had all but 2 flavors I wanted. I had something like 1200 bottles of flavors… full lines of all the standards and was constantly hunting for the next best, or the least heard of… it really became too much.

Now I order direct to one company, I know they will always have my flavors in stock and my shipping bill is low. I do my bottles same way… I place a huge order when I am low and then count 8mo to a year before I run out… same with my base… however now days I only grab enough to last me 6mo…

I dunno… can’t say anyone is wrong, but I can say if you are happy doing what you are doing… keep doing just that… :slight_smile: Now that I am home… Im off to my mix corner and I wont come out for a while :stuck_out_tongue:


Flavorah is an outstanding brand, no doubt about it. Saying there the best for every flavor…just depends on the person and preference. That is like saying there is one ice cream maker that is the best for everyone, never gonna happen.

My favorite strawberry may not work for you and there is nothing wrong with that. What is best for Me does not necessarily mean it is best for everyone. Just as long as it keeps us off the smokes is what matters.

I tend to buy a few watermelons and hope to find one that works for me, if not then I order more from different brands. I read a lot of flavor notes on different brands, much respect to those who write them. If I find the right flavor I will usually stop looking unless I need a strawberry that tastes natural and another strawberry that is more candy like.

If you do decide to go all Flavorah and love the results then look no further, your satisfaction is all that matters.


Yes! :slight_smile: Exactly… this right here should sum up everything in vaping…
Find your happiness and not mine! :tada:


I find Fa and flavorah to be safe choices, inawera to have some outstanding stuff ( the shisha orange I have trouble living without). I do not use FW, and rarely go for TPA or CAP.
Reka ( their mangos, for example ) and flavour express ( the lemon, say) have some good stuff. Finally, the French SolubArome has some odd ones, herbals and citrus particularly, that are well worth a try. I find their one shots and deserts really disappointing though.


Find your happiness and not mine! :tada:
No truer words spoken


I think each brand has select flavors that could be called kings of their line but no one brand certainly is not king of flavorings.


Have you experimented with any Virginia Tobacco or Creme Brûlée recipes with FA?


Virginia Tobacco only a little bit for a frind who wanted a Menthol Tobacco…I personally am not a Tobacco Fan , Creme Brulee is one of the Few Flavorah flaves I do not have yet :frowning:


I was actually referring to Flavor Art. But wanted to get your opinion on best flavors to pair the VT with to make it similar to JUUL? Thank you



Most of us do not use the juul, and the only way, like I told you months ago in my inbox, is by trying it out yourself. Everyone’s tastes are different. You will need to play with your flavors to get your profile you are still trying to create.

I have given you the same tips I post here on the forum.

Go grab your 10ml bottles and get to testing your flavors out, one at a time.
Start low, with Flavorah try 2 bottle drops or even use .06g or try a .12% to start. See if you can taste that. If so, see how you like that taste. If you do, good, if not, increase your amount. Take notes. Keep working your flavors. :slight_smile:


Ok @bradleyb5155 so you are trying to replicate a Juul Creme Brulee flavor…I have no clue what that taste like


No, Bradley is trying to make the juice taste like the virginia tobacco juul has.
Has been now going on 6-8 months.

:slight_smile: I have tried to help him but maybe he needs a guy to point the way to him. I dunno.


I guess try Virginia FLV at .6 cream at .6 and VC at 1
This is where I would start … I kniw it works in a Caliburn bc i make it for a friend


honestly, juul is not made by flv flavors.

A good virgina tobacco tho can be made.

1% virgina tobacco

a touch of sweet cream… pretty basic.

Just have to use flavors till you find something that will stick. :slight_smile:


Bradlee i have No other Tobaccos besides FLV and thsts limited to 3 …If your using FA pump it up to 1.5pct and add a Cream at .5 and adjust …

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he keeps wanting to blend flv virgina with others…
I don’t do anything but flavorah.

I dont know if he recently bought into FA… but there it is… :slight_smile:


Totally agree with this. Every company I have tried has a few really good flavours and a lot of duds in my opinion. That may be down to my personal tastes or ability mixing, but there is no king.

Regarding flavorah I personally have been underwhelmed by loads of the flavourings I have tried from them. There lime, red burley and mango though are way above any others I have tried in the respective fields and the first two are two of my favourite flavours by any company.


List up the ones you are having issues with @Will_G… I don’t mind helping you out :wink:


I probably dont have many left, but these would be the ones I like:

Lime, Mango Red Burley, apple filling (sorry forgot that originally, another excellent one), cinnamon crunch, frosting (another excellent one I forgot), honeydew, lemonade, rich cinnamon (anothe rexcellent oen will last til I die haha), tatanka tobacco, ice cream sandwich, sweet coconut.

The ones I wasnt so keen on would be:

Beer nuts, Blueberry Muffin (one of my least liked by anybody has was expecting good things), candy roll, chocolate deutsch (no matter how low it just tastes like coconut to me), cookie (read so many good things, least favourite of all cookie flavours I have tried), guanabana (similar but much preferred inw cheriymoya), maple bar, peach gummie, pound cake, toffee, vanilla custard (very poor maybe different to uk custard o something?).

In retrospect actually a lot more I like than I realised writing this :wink: I think pound cake and guanabana are the onyl of unliked ones I have left. My question would be excluding all the flavours I have listed is there a particular flavour I HAVE to try from them?