Flavorah sweet dough in donut recipe?

Hi i just wonder what you think of bringing forward the donut flavorah with sweet dough? My recipe is capellas glazed donut and some other stuff


what do I think?

Well here is a pile of recipes I have worked on, enjoyed and a few friends like… :slight_smile:

What do I think with using other flavor manufactures with flv?
Don’t do it. Why? I can say mixing flv with other flavor companies can sometimes bring you a good result, but for the most part, the recipes I see with mixed flavor companies… doesn’t really inspire me to rush right out and use anything else. I find when I don’t, the results vary from oh this is good, to why do I have to use too much and its ugg, or wow the flv took over the recipe, causing me to over use the rest of the what ever I can think to mix with it… hope this makes sense, just waking up here. I guess I am just hung up on flv. I like mixing like with like meaning, I mix my flv with other ultra flavors.

When you say “other stuff” What is that?


Now, I’m a big fan of Flavorah…and I’m certainly not a Flavorah expert like some, but I think limiting to one brand is…well, limiting. FLV Cream goes well in many of my recipes with other brands. FLV Vanilla Pudding, WF Banna Puree, and WF Caramel Butter is simply heaven. One of my favorites is http://tjek.nu/r/rtCx. FLV Apple Pie filling with the WF flavors, the FA Apple Pie and VTA English Toffee is a great combination. Just my $.02. I really like the WF SC line and am currently getting to know the Nature’s Flavors line. Mixed with the superb Flavorah flavorings, you can’t go wrong in my opinion.


I apriciate all your answer flavorah flavors are very concentrated and potent.i think iys very good but it dont need much to come forward ive done a sugar cookie recipe and i used biscotti at 0.55% and it was superb=) i gues i try but i think its vefy hard to get the right tasty donut flavor.i cant get my hands on zeppola i must order it outside sweden:/


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Please mix it and tell your opinion you can vape it after 48h

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Again… my choice, my happiness, my savings on shipping and the satisfaction I get for using less than the average use amounts… Limiting, only for the fact I am not buying from 10 re sellers and paying shipping for all that too. I dont want to have to build up my juice using apple pie from 5 manufactures, to me, that is redundant and a waste of effort to achieve the same results that I know are possible by using @Flavorah ! :stuck_out_tongue: