Flavorart starting percentages

Hi all I was wondering if some has a link they can post here for starting % of FA?
I will search the flavor list on this site as well but was just curious about a list ? Thanks ! Amy***

I use this as a starting guide.



@sublime has your mixes turned out fine using it ? Thanks imma bookmark it to my phone :+1:

I haven’t used that one, but that is one impressive sheet - They have a lot of brands there :smiley:


Heck yeah man this is pretty sweet. Idk this language in the subtopic on the sidebars but I can understand the numbers lol

I always start with the Ø %, this is the average of what the users contributed. I always look to see what % the users have put down. Then I come on this site and check to see if anyone has posted a percentage on the notes of the flavour I’m going to use and look at other recipes that use that flavour.

I’m happy to use it as a starting point. At least it’s not a complete guessing game, which it was in the beginning when I had a new flavour.


Sure most people have seen this, but will post it here just in case…



That is ridiculously helpful !! Thanks a bunch for the contribution… :smiley:

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I just realized that I already link to the spreadsheet from the resources page :smiley:

I should re-work that, by the way - it’s getting a bit …full :smile:


Anyone out there have an opinion about FA Whiskey? I’ve been looking to have another dark liquor in my stash. Ky bourbon (TPA) is great but just looking to branch out…