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OK I have been making my own juice for past 8 months I run across flavorconcentrate. From the start but could not find recipes and juice is a bit expensive but I was able to come up with a few mixes that I liked now about a month ago started to venture in to cap tfa fa flavors and still getting started but I am noticeing big difference in gunk in up of my coils any buddy else run in to this and is any one using flavorconcentrate flavors thank any light on this subject will be a big help

I’m guessing many people can tell you some flavors that will gunk up coils badly. It’s my understanding that the sweeter the more gunk build up. One flavor that is known to gunk up coils badly is Flavor West’s Red Licorice. The sad thing is I learned this after I ordered a 4oz bottle of it. Now it sits unopened and unused. I’m sure others can name more flavors that will gunk up your coil, let’s see if they will chime in…


Thanks before I used was natural strawberry natural watermelon natural banana and I guess my main mix and raspberry blueberry shoot used a bunch come to think of it now I’m using now like the creams bavarian cream strawberry sweet strawberry ripe strawberry and muliflavor mix is now with sweet cookie vanilla custard just to name a few New York cheesecake

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Here’s yer sign :wink:

Banana Anything ! FW yellow cake coil killer! coffees are also harsh on coils


Well with the exception of my natural banana I agree with you might be getting somewhere here now all my flavors before with fruit flavors natural all natural now I am playing with cake and other bakery flavors i am seeing my cotton gunk up a whole lot quicker than it used to I don’t understand why shows up quicker on my titanium than on my a1 builds much quicker like two days with titanium I change the cotton week on kanthal same juice

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yep army2. I made some coffee vanilla, haszanut {dark flavors} do that , like rootbeer also.


Yea, darker flavors tend to gunk up coils. Vanilla bourbon 0.5% gunks up coils but this depends on your other flavors in the mix. Also, ff you have a alot of ethyl maltol from other flavors in your formula it could gunk up coils so I try to keep it under 2%. Typically I use EM at 0.5~1% for sweet flavors.

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I have noticed the same things. Certain juices really start tasting bad after in the tank for more than a day. I usually change flavors every other tank anyway. That is why I stick primarily to RBA decks in all my devices. Rewicking takes just a minute and I am back to new again. So I don’t worry about my stuff gunking up at all. I don’t sacrifice a good vape for fear of having to do a little work. But I have found on my devices changing the wattage plays a part in it also. One liquid I buy local is really bad about ruining a coil. If I vape it at 100 watts my wick lasts a bit longer I think. Wicking plays a part in it to. At least for me.

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I wouldn’t be too concerned if I wouldn’t have to rewick everyday which that don’t bother me but it’s making my chimney turn black not to King on breathing that if it black in the chimney it is going black anything else it hits like my lungs vaping for a few months now I’m used to getting dirty from bad juice are not bad you that’s not the right words sweet different mixes but not in a day never ever never turn the chimney black , and again if it’s the juice why when I switch to kanthal I’m on my 4th day now on the same cotton and it’s clean

I don’t get any blackening of my chimney that I have noticed. Are you getting a lot of dry hits?

No I have not but did put a Clapton titanium in one of my kanger that was in retirement and having no problems at all the only thing i have pre built coils laying around I check my builds to make sure there titanium with a magnet the reverse polarity on the coil in the kanger is real strong grasping strawl here