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Flavoring using Essential Oils for Vaping

Hi there, I’m new here and I searched the forums for info on this subject and couldn’t really find a straight answer. I seen people say that using Essential Oils is a no-no and I’m curious as to why?

I have some of the Lorann flavorings and some are oils like Cinnamon for example I would think that EO would be far better to use than synthetic flavorings. Now when I speak of EO, I am referring to Organic Pharmaceutical/Therapeutic grade that are deemed safe for inhalation and ingestion.

I use a lot of EO around my home as I have been involved in Parrots Rescue. Parrots have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and toxins in the air can kill them, so I’m again I’m curious as to why EO are a “no-no” for vaping when diluted with PG/VG.

I’ve not made my on e-liquids yet, but I do put a wee drop of Lemon EO with my Mint and its far better than one I purchase.

Thanks for you feedback.



I had a dumb sarcastic response entered…but deleted prior to submitting.

There are a few venders doing “naturally” extracted flavors that are being used in the vaping community…and are at least slightly recommended ok to vape.

But in a general sense I wouldn’t vape an off the shelf product meant for aroma therapy as compared to something intended for vaping.

All in all I would not recommend testing on a parrot…sorry couldn’t resist a touch of goofiness.

Thanks for putting up your question. Never a bad question asked. Sometimes just a bit of goofiness. Arrgg’me’matey.


There seems to be a lot of misinformation about vaping essential “oils.” I am no scientist, but have done some research.
Essential “oils” are given the name oil because they are not easily soluble in water. They have no relation to oils like animal fat or vegetable oil (those are the ones that contain lipids). Almost all essential oils are free from lipids because of how they are made.
If an essential oil is “distilled”, which most are, you can be almost sure it doesn’t have lipids. You distill an essential oil by boiling the fruit/flowers/plant and collecting the steam. Lipids do no boil until around 250c, and the distillation process happens at 100c normally. All lipids are left behind! If the essential oil is expressed or made with a solvent, you can’t be so sure. Tobacco absolute is a solvent extracted essential oil, but should be free of lipids. Citrus essential oils are usually cold pressed, but are lipid free. Others I am not sure of.
But even then, has anyone looked into how people get lipid pneumonia, and how rare it is? And how much oil they actually aspirated? The cases I see are mostly from people that ingest large amount of oil for health reasons (relieving constipation, etc.) and they either aspirate some of it, or it comes up as acid reflux and then is aspirated. We are talking many milliliters of oil aspirated over many years. Mostly elderly people and infants, with a few cases of fire-breathers. The amount of “oil” a vaper would inhale is LOW. Like 0.02ml of essential oil per day if they are a heavy vaper using nothing but eliquid made from essential oil flavor.
Also, how do you guys think that TFA, Capella, FW, FlavourArt, and others are making your (natural) flavors? If you have any (natural) fruit, mint, floral, citrus, or other plant derived flavors, they are made from diluted essential oils. For example, look at clove flavor from TFA. They clearly say that it is 20% Eugenol. Eugenol is essential clove oil. TFA Clove flavor = essential oil. This is true for many natural flavors.
Also, the main use for essential oils is inhalation (aroma therapy). Essential oils are so volatile (tiny molecules) that they evaporate easily at room temperature. Then you breath them. People have been inhaling essential oil for many years before ecigs hit the market. They even put essential oils in CPAP machines for people with breathing problems.
Don’t be so quick to dismiss a flavor because it says “oil” on the bottle. Do some research and make an informed decision.
DISCLAIMER: I am no expert. I am sure there are some essential oils that could be harmful if inhaled, especially if it is in concentrated amounts. I just want to make the point that not all “oils” are created equally, and you should not dismiss a flavor just because of this word. Also, pure essential oils are very strong and should be diluted much more than your manufactured flavors. Sometimes even 1 drop per 10ml is too much, so you may need to pre-dilute them before use. ---- SumDudeYouKnow


Hi your questions on EO are valid. It is customary to opt out on using any oil based flavors at this time d/t what is called Lipid Pneumonia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipid_pneumonia the thought ( yes not necessarily viewed universally ) as some will vape a flavoring that states it contains some sort of oil ingredient in it.

Oil based flavors are also thick and well greasy have a film and do not always blend as they are oil and not water soluable which is really what you want. The cleaner the better with less overall additives is a less complicated start. Yes LA’s ( Lor Ann ) has some that are on the naughty list I will link in a color coded guide for you so that you can see the ingredients in those the list contains. http://bestvaporflavors.com/best-lorann-oils-vaping/


good back n forth banter https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/using-oil-flavorings-with-vg-specifically-peppermint-oil.120444/

Of course it wouldn’t be anything I’d suggest anyone to do hard on the body and the hardware is how I view it and ultimately an unnecessary risk being there are so many many purer cleaner alternatives.


I occasionally vape Ylang Ylang essential oil, 4 drops in 20ml and it is super strong. But I have been given warnings on vaping essential oils from folks I trust. However, I have not looked into it so I do it in moderation. I dont feel any ill effects from it, but I do it in great moderation because the flavors are so strong and Ylang does it’s trick in just a few hits for me. This thread actually had me vape some!

Ok im vapping since about 4 years now, last 3 years im stock on a juice call philosopher stone witch is from what i think made whit essential oil, ( when not shaking it as like oily bubles) i did try to replicate that juice noting does it, im at the point of trying whit essential oil, then i know not good for my lungs…
On the oder hand 3 years vapping it and im not dead yet?!? 30ml of that stuff per 5 days steady…

I joined this blog because of his question.:wink:

I have a bit of experience in both fields here. Some essential oils (though many are not oils of the plant, but actually an essence) are intended for inhalation, but in a vape device, especially one with drop in coils, it could cause problems, mainly with the device itself.
If you could get your hands on some hydrasols (the water component leftover from the distillation process, often sold as a product itself.) I believe it would solve the issue of water solubility and would still have the flavor you’re after. Hydrasols contain roughly 0.5-0.02% essential oils, depending on the distilling process.
Some new essential oils are being CO2 extracted, I don’t know how those would combine with pg/vg.
I would say vape it if you choose to, but make sure that the essential oil you use is appropriate for inhalation. Some are dangerous to inhale. Keep it safe above all else.


Yeah, I’ve smoked tobacco for 44 years and I’m not dead yet but a lot of other people are… :skull_and_crossbones:


That’s a good idea!

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just fyi, a lot of essential oils aren’t really oils, but alcohol and other things like terpene etc.
So lipid pneumonia is in most cases rubbish, as there are no lipids in essential oils (check the source and make sure they’re pure!).
You can put a drop of your essential oil on a piece of paper and let it dry. If it disappears after a day or two (like water or alcohol would) then it is supposed to be safe. If it stays and turns the paper almost transparent, than some kind of fat is in the oil.

Ok then where is it I’m looking for a wntergreen taste not mint a pure taste of pink peppermint, im goin to try wintergreen tfa, i gave a try to pure essential oil i have, it almost that minus the bearing grease taste…
The juice im attempting to get is strong wintergreen, tobacco, vanilla ice cream,and maybe pommegrenat or cherry…that is what i taste

Personally I wouldn’t be inhaling wintergreen as it’s not ingestable. Choose a therapeutic grade essential oil like peppermint that you can ingest before attempting vaping with it.

If you want pink mint… try peppermint with grapefruit… Young Living or Doterra.

I recently bought TPA Citrus Punch II because they didn’t have the original in the shop.
I’ve just checked the components list on the TPA website and see that it contains Lemon Oil.

Should I toss it and just get the original Citrus Punch (Mt Dew) with my next order? I’m not afraid I’m suddenly going to die, but I’d rather avoid if it’s a possible problem…

Essential oils are equal to PLANT EXTRACTS (steam or water distilled)
Absolutes are alcohol distilled (mostly synthetic ones)

There is no health risk involved if you use essential oils as flavouring agent. PG is way more dangerous!

Now when we are comparing EO between them there are oils more or less suitable for inhaling.
For example Eucalyptus and all other oils containing Cineole (1,8-Cineole to be more precise) can produce epilepsy convulsions if you are sensitive to the substance.

Now when it comes to Peppermint, menthol is ok to ingest but not to breathe! menthol is irritating the lungs and produces mucuses to form. In the other way Wintergreen is the opposite. Wintergren contains Methyl salicylate and is a pain killer, is good to be massaged on the skin, athlets does it but is poisonous if ingested!!! (5ml can kill an adult). Together with Clove and all the other EO that have GRAS-status by the USDA, all are good to be used in decent amount.

Use max 3 drops EO in 10ml juice.


In contrast to fatty oils, essential oils evaporate completely without leaving a stain (residue) when dabbed onto filter paper.

I wouldn’t try vaping Essential Oils cause it’s more likely to give your lungs a chemical burn. Vape liquids that are made for vaping and put essential oils in, idk, aroma lamps.

Hi and welcome to ELR.

I have no clue about essential oils and honestly, I would be hesitant to vape them before doing some research. You statement doesn’t help me at all however. Without adding some references I have no idea whether this is an opinion or a fact…

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For me, even if research is done and shows no ‘oils’ that would cause the lipid pneumonia sort of badness, I still wouldn’t risk vaping something that wasn’t approved as food grade (which I don’t know if EO’s for diffusers are or not). Since there are seemingly endless concentrates on the market that are safe and approved for vaping consumption, I’d just stick with them personally.

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