Flavorings/Additives for mixing a better Menthol?

Does any one have any tips on how to create a better menthol taste?

I’ve been using TFA’s Menthol (10% Menthol) and it gets the job done… But I’d like to enhance/play around with it–maybe make it crisper or whatever.

For example:
I’ve seen people using 0.3% TFA Vanillin to smooth menthol.
I have a lot of DIY additives/flavorings laying around like citric and malic acid, different sweeteners, etc. etc.

I’m not looking to use:

  1. Koolada
  2. Tobacco flavorings to make the mix taste like a Newport.
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CAPs Cucumber will add a great juicy moistness to the menthol.


Extreme ice flavoring will boost it.


I’ll try it @Chewy

Boost how @TheTinMan1?


I’m sure you will enjoy?
I add it to all my mints and menthol mixes around the 2% mark.
Also FW Creme de Menthe will help soften the harshness.

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What’s the deal with adding TFA Horehound to menthol? What’s the point of that? I see that in Halo Menthol clones.

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Just adds a little more icy flavor but its not like koolada.

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Horehound has distinct herb taste to it.
Quite similar to cough sweets.

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