Flavorings you started with, hated, and retry years later

So really it was just either I didn’t know how to use a flavor well or it’s been such a long time that tastes have changed, definitely the first,still

but what really made me think about it is perique black, I couldn’t stand it, all I got was green peppers, but it’s really worked out past couple weeks, same for western and dark vapure

But it made me think to go back into my most hated flavors and see what else maybe changed, not sft but using some other flavors I have good idea of how I like them with some ‘hated’ accent, anyone similar attempts? It’s like buying new flavors, but free! The perique is really cool under some creamy or buttered fruits


Well being one of the more demented blenders here - I can list a fair few.

I think Beef Steak (Hangsen) is the one which I’ve never found to way to make a well-rounded blend with. I could also include Lavender (FW) as one which is hard to mellow out and Tonic Water (VTA) which is just a harsher version of their Bitters concentrate. I think I’ve found ways to make most other flavours work to some degree and they are the 200ish I always have stocked in my stash.

Oddly Perique Black (FA) is one of a my favourite tobaccos to use in pipe blends. Although, it does lack the acidity of real St. James Parish Perique, a dash (0.08 - 0.15%) of Lime Wedge (FLV) or Pink Guava (FLV) helps it to pop. I have also made a fair few blends with it which have bakery notes in them.

For the most divisive concentrate, I think that Coffee (Kona) - TPA would be mine. Most hate it, and mix it at high percentages and then complain about it tasting like burnt tyres, but I love putting it in pipe blends at tiny percentages where it can add a wheaty and slightly burnt coffee (like using an Italian or Greek pan-top coffee maker) mid note, along with a general nuttiness which is distinct from all other nut flavours…

Here’s a Perique Black and Kona English pipe WIP I need to update:

Another Perique centred one with heavy caramel notes:

A Perique liquorice which will be updated when I start to play with Salmiakki (FLV) this week:

When I checked my own recipes, I noticed that 40 included Perique Black.


Oh, I forgot to ask if you are often confused with Man Holding House Keys?

It must be a complete bugger to have the two of you confused!