Post everything about flavorings here!

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Is there an easier way to see the SGs that have been inputted on ELR besides clicking each flavor individually and looking at the info that way?

I’m going through my stash and trying to record the sg of the flavors I have that have been recorded here and I didn’t know if maybe there was a short cut I could be missing instead of clicking them and then browser back to the next and so on…

Something tells me no though

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kinda doing the same thing here bro.

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(New here, not sure where to ask this question) :slight_smile: but are custards unhealthy to vape? And I mean from the bigger vendors I’ve seen listed here, like TPA, CAP, INW, etc. Thanks to anyone who replies! This site is wonderful


Is there anyone that could give me a hand on making a flavor? I’m using max dew from flavor west. It’s pretty good on its own but I have a decent amount of other flavors. I just started DIY and would like to mix another flavor with it. Anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be great. Thx

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What does everyone think of the real flavor flavors? I just ordered about $100 of the 30ml bottles without asking your opinions?

It seems a lot of the single flavor recommendations on all the flavors are cluttered with very low numbers causing the published ELR single flavor to be quite low, why do people suggest 1% of any flavor unless its a sweetener? my equation for finding the single flavor is take the average and multiply by 1.5. for instance ripe strawberry 10% average, so I tried 15% then bumped it to 16% and its great, add a little stevia and its a great ADV.
For any cream I use it like a sweetener and add in extremely low doses, increasing slightly till I can just taste it, that way I’m not adding hazardous components into my vape.
There, I said it is my 2 ¢¢

“The flavourart range is available on chefsflavours We will get the new flavours in with our next order”. That’s What they messaged me today And they have a massive sale on concentrate at chefsflavours co.uk

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Hi Englishguy ~ I just found out that CF will no longer be sold from other companies. I live in the states and haven’t ordered from the UK before. Is there anything helpful I need to know about shipping?

Hi Muth I’m from the uk myself they will ship just say that Ben Ryan from Ben’s Vape told you about them and they will look after you sorry i can’t be much help

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Thank you! It’s always good to have friends in high places :wink:

I hope this is allowed. I had no idea all these different flavor companies even existed https://jeancloudvape.com/product-category/diy-2/aromas/