Flavorist for hire? Help wanted

Long time fan, but a poor community member as I’ve been silent for a long time. I’ve re-created many recipes and have utilized VapeCrafter as an incredible resource.

I would like to know if there is someone who would take my general request and reformulate some favorites of mine. Frankly, the favorites are all DarthVapor originals (fanboy here).

The request is for flavorings that are inspired by some of his all time home runs but simply re-iterating some pairings. I’ve failed to innovate, and I come bearing a reasonable cash offer for consulting.

I hope that this topic is in bounds with respect to the community here. Much respect.

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@DarthVapor is active here and I feel it is really his place if anyone’s to address this, I have mad respect for him and therefore will not engage any further.


Hi Amy
Thanks for the reply! To be frank I’ve come to restrict myself to recreate recipes from only two trusted flavorists here: DarthVapor and, of course, yourself. I find your recipes to stimulate my taste buds like none other. On the other hand, his tend to be more widely accepted by the masses. Definitely appreciate your response and discretion!


Hi @Amy2 and @DarthVapor

My prose and understanding of how to reply obviously shows my lack of participation points on internet forums. I would love to share what I’ve done openly and still get any help I can, with gratitude in the form of pay. I would otherwise resort to a little competition. My mission is to re-work dragonberry to (1) contain a slight amount of Plum (TFA) and (2) Take on a fruit profile in place of the drgonfruit. My favorite so far was to just replace dragonfruit and blackberry with “Red Summer” (Watermelon) by (FA), but I don’t really feel like it’s right yet. Anyway, hope to bump this up :wink:

Ok bumping up. I’ve tried using TFA Pear and FA Fuji Apple in the dragonfruit recipe in place of dragonfruit and blackberry. Pretty good, but a little too sweet. Anyone help with suggestions?

Are you committed to using TFA Plum? Because frankly it’s a bit soapy. A much better plum profile is INW’s Plum, but it is uber strong…like starting at 0.12% kind of strong. IT pairs well with FA Fuji apple, and just a tiny hint of FA Honey like 0.03% (dilute the honey if need be, at a 10% solution use 0.3%) The bit of honey adds a touch of floral notes that brings fuji out of that type of apple flavor and brings it more into the Pink Lady apple and Honeycrisp apple realm, which I think works better with the Plum. Apricot is another flavor that pairs well with both of them. I like FA Apricot at 0.5% layered with 0.15% INW Apricot. I think in that recipe 7% strawberry ripe might overpower these other flavors, I’d reduce it, or in fact replace it all together with 0.20% of Medicine Flower Strawberry. Quite possibly the best strawberry flavor I’ve had so far and is super strong. Then add the creams in with it.


If I am reading this correctly, you wish to replace the Dragonfruit with another fruit?
Which I find strange as the Dragonfruit plays a crucial part in Dragon Berry, hence the name?
Agree with @Jennifer_Jarvis with regards to INW Plum advice. Great plum concentrate that greatly benifits from low % and steeping to bring out a fresh ripe plum taste.
Also have to back @Amy2. Up here and agree that the best person to discuss the recipe is the man behind it @DarthVapor


Sorry for the delay in response, but to be honest, I stayed away because I really have no idea what it is you are asking?
I agree with @Chewy. It’s akin to taking an apple pie and wanting to make a better apple pie by removing all the apples and adding shrimp, haha. I mean that in the most respectful way and by no means am I being a smartass :wink:
It kinda sounds like you are looking for a Plum recipe of sorts? For which I have plenty…

Also, you are more apt to get assistance around here, if you don’t involve $. I realize you had nothing but the best intentions, it’s just the people here don’t respond to well when it comes to asking/giving $ for work, especially when it’s involving another member. I will be more than happy to help you, if I can, just no need for anyone to profit from it.

Just my 2 cents :wink:


I don’t really spend a lot of time online. I added a post just to try to add to this forum. I’m a career chemist but I’m no brewmaster. I know how flavor analytics work but I don’t know how flavor engineering is. Definitely don’t think I would be into a shimp apple pie.

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Haha, I wasn’t saying that you would be and wouldn’t think any one would :wink: I just didn’t know what you meant by improving upon a recipe by taking the key flavors out of the recipe, while still keeping the recipe intact is all :slight_smile:
I’m willing to assist, if I can, just not sure how exactly.

does anyone have a shrimple pie recipe ?


Of course but I am still working out the details , here is what I am shooting for!:laughing:


I feel obligated to make a shrimp and apple pie juice now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nana’s Prawnapple Delight