Flavors adverse effect on plastics?

I have some flavors in my stash that have the icon warning of possible damage to plastic components on vape rigs.

Be patient with me, I am NEW to this.

My favorite and most used rig uses a plastic pod. Now, with that being said, the several flavors would be a very small amount of the mix. And, not all the flavors in every mix would have the adverse chemical(s).

Should I be concerned that my rig is going to fail/leak when I use those flavors? It seems like a lot of vanillas, and Bavarian cremes and several fruits have the warning. Looks like my stash has less than 10% with the warning.

Thanks RK


It depends. I know I cannot use cinnamon in a glass tank, it will shatter. There are just some flavors that can destroy tanks.


Not all plastics are alike, but there’s reason for concern. I personally wouldn’t want to get dissolved plastic in my vape juice or that a pod/tank starts leaking at the most inconvenient moment…
If you want to be sure, use an old pod and put a few drops of flavor on the plastic to see what happens.


That is crazy that Cinnamon will shatter the glass.


When you put it like that… i will err on the conservative side. No warning labels in plastic.
Thanks for the insight!!!


I have only used glass/stainless tanks and never had a problem. I am surprised by your statement, as both these materials are incredibly inert.
Any particular cinnamon?


The falling-down-the-stairs kind :crazy_face:


A cinnamon red hot.


For what it may possibly be worth regarding reactivity - this statement (published in 2019):

cinnamon flavors, which are … known to rapidly etch plastic tanks, indicative of its reactivity.


“I think the issue here is not acidity, it is the nature of the oils. Cinnamon oil (cinnamaldehyde) can leach plasticisers from plastics, and will dissolve some plastics, both can lead to cracking. Orange oil can do this too. Anything that is good as dissolving grease can do this to plastics. Its what is in orange cleaner products. … Acids are actually less a problem for most plastics. These oils are in general not acids, but they do interact with plastic and plastic components. Clove oil is another plastic dissolver. Try grinding some cloves in a coffee grinder with a plastic lid and see what happens, if the plastic was smooth and shiny before grinding, it won’t be after wards…it will be etched…then imagine this happening in your lungs. I don’t know about the mint oils, but the citrus, clove and cinnamon oils can be a problem.”

Source (Post #8): https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/about-cinnamon-flavoring.317064/


I know back when I used clearomizers with eGo, when the vape shop mixed up certain blends like lime or cinnamon, it would split the tank down the side after being in it for about 20 minutes. At that time they couldn’t explain the reason for it, but we know different now. It was always the poly-carbonate tanks that it happened to for me.


Shattering of the glass can actually happen with different chemicals in the mixes :open_mouth: I thought glass could withstand everything besides physical forces :frowning: Well not everything but at least food safe chemicals. I mean the worst chemicals are often stored specifically in glass bottles.


Huh? Never heard about that. Some of them will crack plastic tanks, but glass should be completely fine. Never heard about them cracking glass :smiley:

Even that. Should be fine in glass.


This is not a High Tech kind of answer to the problem of Cinnamon Red Hot cracking glass.

BUT, it’s the ‘least common denominator’ kind of thought. Not really rocket science.

DON’T vape Cinnamon Red Hot. Kind of simple actually.

When ya hit yer finger with a hammer and it hurts, well, don’t hit yer finger with a hammer.

Course at my age, it’s easy to see the obvious. I have LOTS of experience of doing stuff that hurts.

Just sayin’. :))

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Just because Cinnamon Red Hot can break down polycarbonate and some other plastics, doesn’t mean that it is dangerous to ingest or inhale :slight_smile:


All of these have been reported to break down various plastics. I would have no problem vaping most of these in glass :slight_smile:

I am frankly more worried about vaping flavors like Yellow Cake (FW), because it contains sugars… Though I must admit that I am not that worried about that either :slight_smile:


I was trying to be a bit humorous. Mebbe cynical.

But even with my limited experience, I agree, the flavors with warning labels are for GLASS tanks.

Just one of those little details that I find fascinating and sure makes the hobby more interesting !!!