Flavors and Squonk tanks

Hi everyone, my first post here. I am Really going to try getting off analogs and vape instead. I have tried many times, have all the most popular mods and tanks. But, I never took to vaping because I just never found an ADV. well, here I am.
Now, my question is, with a squonk mod (VandyVape Pulse X ) and new Profile RDA with mesh, will the silicone mod bottle get harmed by any flavors? I see some are NR for plastics. I am hoping to use this rig almost exclusively.
I travel a LOT on airplanes and most everything leaks. I am pretty sure this one won’t since it’s a RDA.
I have about 3 recipes from here and some of the flavors have the black triangle next to the name which I think designates harmful to plastic.
Drat… I thought I had a few good choices.
Help from the more experienced please.


I personally don’t know of any flavors that will melt silicone, the flavors with the plastic warning will melt plastic, I had that issue with my kanger Dripbox 2 squonk bottles. With silicone you will get flavor that kind of gets stuck in the bottle, so you might want to get extra bottles and have one bottle dedicated to each recipe to avoid any issues with flavor crossover.


Ime/imo avoid cinnamons, citrus if it’s the main note, example lemon custard vs fresh baked cookie with light lemon glaze…pick the cookie.

Some bakeries and mints/menthol can stain as well as keep the smell longer, but that can be fixed. The stain part not so much.


Thanks for the intel on extra bottles. I ordered 3 extras, but somehow dont think that is going to be enough :slight_smile:


Ahhhh the stain. I can live with that I guess. I wonder about the tube from bottle to bottom of squonk pin. Any thoughts if that will fail?

Btw. Appreciate the insights.


The triangle is just to draw folks attention to the NOTE about certain flavors.

It can vary from items that may be of concern to people, and that can range from containing certain chemical ingredients, to the possibility of cracking plastic tanks. But it’s not exclusively for cracking plastic tanks.

When you see the triangle, click on the flavor to see the relevant note(s) in red.

Hope this helps, and welcome to ELR!


I’m vaping on the Pulse X and the Profile as I type this. Such a great combination! No issues with the silicone bottle, other than I’ve noticed it retains some of the previous flavor’s odor after cleaning. It was suggested to try baking soda but it didn’t help. Dawn dish soap, used for cleaning my attys, failed also.
The little tube is pretty stained also.

It’s smelly but no cracks or holes!! :sunglasses:


Maybe try running a bottle of your VG thru it. Just straight up with no flavoring.


Thanks for the info. I did in fact go and look at the flavors with the black triangle and sure enough not all were harmful to plastics.
Gotta love forums. So much good information



TZ. Do ANY of the flavors you are vaping in the pulse have the warning triangle and say harmful to plastics ?
In final analysis, I guess it’s 50-50 shot at no tank failures. The residual odor kinda stinks though.

Ahhhh the search for perfection continues. LOL


I had to look at my flavor stash here on the recipe side and I have a fair share of flavors with warnings. But the ones I have in my mixes are all for Acetoin and/or Acetyl Propionyl. Those might be undesirable for inhaling but that silicone bottle in the PulseX is still doing fine after the 3 weeks I’ve had it in use.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll give a try but I have my doubts.