Flavors and their percentages

Hi there i’m new to the DIY’ing of liquids and juices and and and. I see all the recipes like a lot not going to lie, but it all seems a bit daunting. My question is, a lot of the recipes yield 10ml of liquid. But once I have mastered a recipe and want to yield say 30ml of liquid do the % of flavors change ( i know the PG and VG will change) ? I hope this makes sense.

Thanking you guys in advance.



It shouldn’t change since you are just increasing the volume from 10 to 30mls. Could your perception of the fishes product change? Maybe?

Maybe, we’ll, yes for me. I tire easily and mix a lot of 12-15ml bottles. This is because I get board by 20mls and I don’t like shelving a bunch of 30ml bottles with 10mls.

However, the benefit of vaping a whole 30mls is that you will find something off between 15 and 30mls of vaping because you have past the initial flavor excitement. It’s a hard balance but worth it until you know your flavors and don’t have to always go to the 30ml bottle.


All recipes are built on percentages.Those percentages, while constant, are scalable in accordance to whatever size of the batch you want. A recipe for a 120ml bottle will contain the same percentage as a recipe for a 15ml bottle. The only difference is volume.


Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.


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