Flavors Automatically added to Stash from Recipe?

It seems when I create a new recipe, if a flavor isn’t in my Flavor Stash it is added.

Is this the intended behavior?

I have been using the Stash as flavors I own, and check off it what I need to buy.

Flavors I need, but don’t own, being mysteriously added has been confusing the heck out of me.



Yes, if you make a recipe with flavors not in your stash, they will be added :smile:

I have considered adding a setting on the profile, or an option when creating a recipe…


I just go through my stash and delete them. It gives me an opportunity to muddle over flavorings in my stash and write down a note or two about Flavors in my stash that might be informative to others. Killing two birds with one stone.

I would love the setting/option. :smile:

Not to nitpick, I think your site is great. But the option to print the Flavor Stash without ratings stars, or as plain text would be useful also.

I’m trying to figure something out to make 75+ flavors quicker to find, and think I’ve settled on putting small numbered labels on top of the caps, and have a sheet to cross reference them.

Thanks for a great site. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

I’ll consider the print without the stars…

I have over 190 flavors - I did the same - small sticker on the top of the cap, then I have small transparent boxes that have room for 28 flavors - with the cross referencing sheet, it takes seconds to fetch the flavors I need :smile:

I’d second the option to turn off adding flavors to the stash when adding recipes.

Hi Daath,

Have you considered adding the option to not have flavors automatically added?

I recently received my orders of FLV, CAP, and FA. And I’m around 150 flavors now.

At this point flavor management is very important to me. I primarily use your site, but without a working flavor management system in place, I will have to move on to something else. I don’t understand the reasoning for automatically adding a flavor.


@Ceddy; Are you speaking about when you use the “adapt this” recipe feature, Flavors in that recipe you are adapting being automatically added to your stash?

It’s on my list. Automatically adding flavors to your stash makes sense, in that you probably have the flavors, if you make the recipe - I’m guessing this is true 97% of the time.
I’ll make an option to either only add flavors from the stash or an option on create/edit/adapt to not add new flavors.

I’ve no time frame on that though.


Thanks for all of your hard work @daath! If you don’t have children, now you know what it’s like to be a parent! It’s a never ending task.

Albeit the “adapt this” feature is a great thing, knowing it’s actions, I just go another route when adapting recipes. I simply open another window for ELR and start a totally new recipe; using the original recipe as visual reference. Meh…it works for me.


I have two daughters :smile:


…I’m in that club as well and have significant hearing loss to prove it!


I usually get a few recipes and clones together, enter them, then order the few flavors I’m inevitably missing.

I can see a more advanced user, who was making a recipe from scratch, would most likely have all the flavors they would use beforehand.

Thanks very much Daath.

(Rereading my previous post, I hope I didn’t come off ungrateful, that was not my intention. I appreciate the work.)

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I was specifically talking about when creating a recipe, the flavor is automatically added. I believe if you adapt someone elses recipe it will do so also.

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For me I add recipes that I’d like to try but don’t necessarily have the flavors yet. I have way more of those than recipes I’ve actually made. What would be best for me would be to have a way to see the flavors that are in my recipes that I DON’T currently have in my stash, maybe automatically adding them to my shopping list. And in that vein, it would be nice to see an ingredient in a recipe and if it’s not in my flavor stash, then it shows up with a marker, or a different color or something like that.

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Please add the option to NOT automatically add the flavors to the stash. I would even say that should be the default option. I’ve now had to twice rummage through my stash of 80’ish flavors to verify my inventory. Not fun I can tell you. I add/copy new recipes all the time and then see what new flavors I need. I can’t think of a use case where I’d want the new flavors automatically added. If you have the flavors, more than likely you’ve already added them to your stash before making new recipes out of them?

Then again, an auto-created list of missing flavors from your own and favorited recipes would be neat.


4 daughters here, and all but one are delivering grandkids, damn I feel old :blush: .

Just a thought, is there any way that the flavors added to the stash could be marked as in “I need to purchase these” and make a shopping list from that, or is it already there and I just dont know it ?

Sorry BMinor, did not see that part of your post, great minds think alike. :smile:

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I agree. It’s on the list. At some point in the future, I’ll stop adding flavors to your stash, when creating recipes.

Go to the flavor details page (click on the flavor), and it will say “You have this flavor”, “Add to shopping list” or “On your shopping list” :slight_smile:
From the profile button at the top right, you can access your shopping list :smile:

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Thank you very much sir. I just got 2 vape mails Friday, one due Monday, 2 more later in the week, and then 4 more Amazon mixing hardware deliveries between the 9th and the 14th.

But next Friday I get paid again. :blush:

Like I keep telling the ole lady, “yeah, I’m spending money on this vaping stuff, but not as much as I was on cigarettes, so STHU”

She just grins real big. She knows it isnt said with malice, we have only been married for 35 years come November. :smile: